The Words of the Stephens Family

Thanks for the prayers

Jim Stephens
March 22, 2004

Hi brothers and sisters,

I'm feeling quite a bit better today. Thanks for all your prayers and expressions of concern. So many of you told me to go to the doctor that I had to take that as a "sign" from God. (I don't like going to the doctor.) Anyway, I did it. The doctor has me on antibiotics and an inhaler for my lungs for 2 weeks. I guess it was a good idea.

I rested some more today, but was able to take a little time and have added a new sister to the website.

I also put the finishing touches on an article that I have been writing about different "matching styles" that parents are using. It's really helpful (I think) to be aware of the different approach and assumptions that another couple may be making that your couple is not.

I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy it and there is benefit for you.

All the best,

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