The Words of the Stephens Family

Testimony: Camp Sunrise for Middle School

Soniyae Stephens
August 2003
Age 12

This year I think meant more to me then last year. Thatís because this year I mostly understood the lectures and since I was in the elementary one last year, to tell you the truth, I didnít really pay attention at all. And since I didnít do very well last year, I had a goal to do much better this year. Well, I think I accomplished it because I have a lot of notes.

Anyway I think I am supposed to talk about the key points that I learned. Well that is kind of hard to say because I have learned a lot and I have learned things that I have heard before, but even those I understood better. Some of the things I have learned were about what it means to be an ideal person, what is an ideal family, and what is perfection.

Even though I have heard all this before I think it really meant more to me than the last time I heard this. I think when my dad said "the more you hear it the more you get out of it" is really true.

I also learned a lot from an activity that we had to do as a unit. It was where we had to write the "What, Why, and How" about Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, etc. Our unit (unit 1) had Adam and Eve. We wrote a lot about Adam and Eve. For example: What happened? God told Adam not to eat of the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam didnít pay attention to Eve, which caused her to fall with Lucifer. Eve tempted Adam, and he fell with her. Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden and had Cain and Abel. Because Adam sinned then Cain killed Abel.

Why did it happen? Adam wasnít strong enough and Adam gave in. Cain killed Abel because God made it look like he loved Abel more then Cain. But God wanted Cain to not get jealous but to love Abel anyway.

I think that activity helped me a lot because I knew what happened but I didnít really know why it happened or how does it relate to us. Now I understand what caused them to do the things they did.

I had a really good experience there. I think it is because everyone is a BC and I feel more comfortable around him or her. When I was there, I could sleep really easily, and I donít sleep easily when I am somewhere else than home, but now I am OK with sleeping over at peopleís houses.

I also felt more energetic and happy while I was there. Personally, I think the good thing was that the whole camp wasnít just about the lectures. They werenít bad, I'm just saying that it had a lot of fun games like that sort of Olympics thing. That was when we got to play a lot of different kinds of games. Also we had to do skits and those I thought were a lot of fun. I am planning to go next year.

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