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Please Take 10 Minutes To Give Your Opinion On Blessing Procedure

Jim Stephens
October 3, 2002


Many of you may not be aware that True Father is approving the matching selections made by parents of Second Generation.

I have been waiting for an official announcement but it has not come, so here's unofficial information. Once parents make a match, then pictures should be sent through the Regional Directors up to Dr. Yang and he'll take it to True Father for final approval. (I heard that he said "no" 3 times.)

The full procedure for matching from start to finish has not been set in stone. This brings me to the purpose of this email. Please read the 2 procedures below and send me your feedback. I'm going to be attending the Blessing Workshop next week for STF members in Colorado and I'll be able to discuss your comments with leaders there. (Deadline for sending responses to me is Sunday night, Oct. 6)

The first procedure is the established procedure in Europe. It very clearly says that a family must fulfill all conditions before their child can be considered for matching and before they can start looking. They can only look among those who have also fulfilled all the conditions.

The second procedure is a draft proposal for this side of the Atlantic which has more flexibility in conditions necessary to start looking.

Let me know what you think. I appreciate it.

Jim Stephens

European 2nd Generation Matching Process

Dear Parents,

Please find a brief explanation of the matching procedure for the Second Generation Blessing candidates below:

1. Qualification

a. All Second Generation applicants must fulfill all points below (both section a and b) to be qualified to apply for the matching.

Documents to be submitted:

i. New Application Form

ii. Family Introduction Form

iii. 2 full size photographs (1 head and shoulders, 1 showing the full body)

iv. Health Certificate (including AIDS Test)

v. Graduation Certificate from highest academic level achieved.

vi. Individual interview / confession

An absolute condition for participation in the Blessing is that purity has been kept by the applicant. Participants will need to demonstrate their faith in Heavenly Father and True Parents. For this purpose the national leader needs to interview the applicant. This interview form must be used and submitted to your regional Second Generation Department together with the other documents.

The Blessing fee is the same as for First Generation Blessing participants (US$ 1,400) This fee should be paid before the Blessing.

b. Educational qualifications for becoming second generation blessing candidates

i. Attended 15 or 21 days Divine Principle workshop or equivalent

ii. Attended a Blessing workshop

2. Formal Application

A formal application can only be made through submitting all of the materials (mentioned above) to your regional Second Generation Department.

3. Matching list

After an applicant's application has been approved, he/she will be put on the official list of Blessing candidates, which will only be made available to the candidate's parents.

4. Process of Matching

The matching process can commence as soon as the candidate's parents receive official access to the list. The list will include address and contact details from all of the parents to enable easy communication between each other. Detailed application forms of any applicants will be available on-line or through your regional Second Generation Department.

I would like to re-emphasize that parents must not look for possible matches for their children before being placed on the official list, or outside of the list. It is important to prepare oneself properly before getting matched. The application process just summarizes the minimum conditions for preparing for the blessing.

5. Confirmation of Matching

As soon as parents have found a possible candidate for their child and the parents of both applicants agree, they have to contact their regional Second Generation Department to confirm the matching. The matching can then be officially recognized by the Second Generation Department. 5. Blessing

Only officially confirmed couples will be eligible to participate in the Blessing officiated by True Parents.

Procedure for Matching and Blessing (USA)

1. Both sets of parents discuss and decide on the match. It is strongly recommended that parents not mention any part of their discussions with their children, siblings, or anyone else until the match has been decided. In cases where this was done, information has leaked out to others and caused considerable hurt feelings.

2. Boy and girl are introduced to each other and decide to accept or reject the match. The boy and girl should prepare ahead of time what their attitude will be at this point. The future success of their eternal marriage is really their personal responsibility.

3A. The boy and girl get tested for AIDS. This is necessary for any marriage in most states and should be performed for the peace of mind of both families.

3B. Boy and girl interview with future parents-in-law This is a suggestion where parents could confirm their selection through a discussion together.

4. The match is taken to the respective Regional Leaders who interview the boy and girl. During this interview, the boy and girl make full confessions. If serious fallen actions are discovered, appropriate steps can be taken.

5. The match is taken to Dr. Chang Shik Yang by the Regional Leader(s). Pictures of the boy and girl along with biographical information about them and their parents are taken to Dr. Yang.

6. The match is taken to True Parents for final approval. The pictures and biographical information are taken to True Parents for final approval. If True Parents turn down the match, then it is not a match.

7. The boy and girl are now eligible to be Blessed. Once approved by True Parents then the boy and girl are eligible to get Blessed in the next Blessing.

Blessing Workshop Requirement: Both the boy and girl should attend a Blessing workshop. At what stage of the matching and/or Blessing process this should take place is left up to the decision of the respective parents. In some countries this may be required before a BC is allowed to become a candidate for matching.

Blessing fee.

This and other details of formalizing the Matching and preparing for the Blessing need to be finalized and explained in detail.

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