The Words of the Speller Family

ETF Witnessing in Slovakia - The Need for Certain Conditions

Hannah Speller

In order for us to start witnessing in Slovakia we needed certain conditions. The first being Divine Principle study. We first needed to be able to hear the truth, the second condition was fundraising where we could have a chance to practise the truth. Fundraising for me was such a difficult experience, to able to stay consistent day after day, pushing and motivating myself to keep going and learning to accept things and not complain providing me with a real challenge. So to hear that witnessing, which was about spreading the truth, was so much harder, made me feel a little bit nervous.

In some way I can see how this is true. Fundraising was often a real push to our physical limitations, in regards to the weather or just walking from place to place. Also, it was a struggle about mind and body unity. Our mind forcing us to go on while our bodies desperately wanting to sit down because it gets so tiring after selling virtually nothing the whole day. Also, we had so many questions about why, exactly, we were doing this and so intellectually our mind was spinning around. However we never had the chance to connect to people heartistically. Every individual is really so complicated and often they have many pains and anger built up inside. It's sorry to say that conversations in the pub don't often involve deeper subjects about religion, purpose in life, etc. or the chance to really listen to someone. Often I had experiences where people said 'I just don't talk about these things with my friends' or people being grateful that we could really sit down and listen to them. Before I started ETF , a main goal of mine was witnessing. I wanted to be able to share with people what I thought could help them. This is what I therefore believe witnessing is all about. Being able to care and invest 100% in your guests. Now this is what is hard about witnessing, just giving and giving. Putting your whole heart into a guest and then having them not respond or just expect more of you.

It's really difficult to hear some people's life stories as in one way it's great that you can lift that burden off someone's shoulders, but then that weight is transferred to your back. I was often presented with the real issue of 'what do I say, what advice do I give?', but in the end I guess it all comes down to listening.

And only then after you've really cared and connected with your guests can you expect some sort of an interest on their side about the Divine Principle. I used to think that if people could only hear the Divine Principle they could really accept it as being the truth and making the most sense out of this hectic world. The fact is, however, that there are so many forces trying to prevent them from accepting and hearing this truth and based purely on an intellectual level it's just another teaching professing to have all the answers. Therefore, the only way of bringing people closer to the Divine Principle was through our love for them. If we had a relationship with our guests and led by example, heartistically they could look at us and say "They're great people, they have a direction and are really driven to it. I hope I can find what they've found!"

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