The Words of the Smith Family

Ocean Challenge '86

Karen Judd Smith
July 1986
Director of Education
Ocean Church

This summer, Ocean Challenge in Gloucester, Massachusetts, is offering a variety of programs for members, as well as for their friends and contacts. For all participants the daily schedule begins at 4:00 a.m. and closing time is generally at 9:00 p.m. The activities of each day vary depending on the program.

The most elementary program is Guest Fishing. We encourage guests to come anytime during the summer to fish for one or a few days. They should be aware of the schedule and arrive early the night before their intended first day of activity.

From mid-July and throughout August we offer 7-day Ocean Challenge Workshops designed for either members or guests. Each workshop must be coordinated in advance with the Ocean Church director of education.

The 21-day One Hope Training Program is a preparatory course for those members assigned by their state leader to learn how to handle the One Hope boat, which each state will acquire for use in witnessing. Registration for this course begins on June 21 at 9:00 a.m.

Finally, the 80-day Ocean Challenge Summer Program is the most comprehensive program offered and is designed for mature members of the Unification Church. Detailed, practical instruction is given, including state-of-the-art fishing techniques. Comprehensive spiritual instruction is offered, with special emphasis on ways of inheriting the true ocean-going tradition.

Instruction varies in depth and detail according to the program level. Practical topics include: basic navigation, rules of the road, boat handling and maintenance, water safety and life-saving, and the theory and practice of tuna fishing. Spiritual topics include: an overview of the Principle and our course of restoration, the significance of our present time, and individual and group guidance for reflection and prayer.

The Ocean Challenge staff can help you to design programs which are uniquely suited to your own witnessing programs. Please join our dynamic outreach program! Remember that Father has spent a great deal of precious time on the ocean, because it has been such an important source of his vision for the future.

For information on schedules, fees, and requirements, contact:

Ocean Challenge
P.O. Box 878
Gloucester, MA 01930 

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