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Super Project For 2 Gens Create Online State Newspaper Based On Ohmynews Success

Mike Smith
April 27, 2007

Hi Top Guns and Top Gun kids,

I think it time to get citizen journalism rolling in our states. Let's influence society in a powerful and positive direction, have fun and invite our children to have fun while doing something important and build their skills and resumes too.

The model for success is already here in the form of It is an online newspaper launched in Korea in 2002 that brought large numbers of young people to the polls to vote and in the process upset the traditional applecart and elected the underdog candidate to the presidency of Korea. Why not create similar "citizen" newspapers in states, cities and campuses across America?

We have also been looking for effective intern programs for our children that will give them a taste of making a difference in society and at the same time build there skill base and resumes.

Take a few moments and read a couple of these six articles about this online newspaper phenom. If you are interested drop me an email. "The revolution will not be televised ultra bright will no longer make you white" but it is here.

Mike Smith from Reno, Nevada where the mountains lift us just a bit closer to God.

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