The Words of the Simonds Family

The Kingdom of Heaven

Scott Simonds
April 24, 1999

I like one of the comments Mother made about creating the Kingdom of Heaven. She said heaven is the place where people live in an atmosphere of love. But love exists through the relationships in loving families. "Consider the aspect of continuity...." She made the point that the loving relationships we establish with the members of our families ought to continue beyond the physical world. Going a step further, the loving atmosphere created by those who went before us ought to envelop young families on earth.

A new development that hasn't hit the discussion list is that Father allegedly set a condition so spouses who have ascended can be with their physical partners. And the sexual union between spouses who are in opposite worlds plays a central role in the process. Evidently the "veil" between the two worlds will gradually be opened. (As reported by Rev. Oh in Boston after a trip to East Garden).

I can think of no greater pleasure for a grandparent than to have the ability to move freely among his or her descendents.

Evidently, the barriers that have prevented this from happening are the consequences of sin, ignorance and fallen nature. Who wants to face their descendents if they are carrying a lot of baggage they are ashamed of? Or what connection do you feel with people who have a worldview and values system that has no connection to your own?

Imagine how quickly restoration could occur if the spiritual world really did resolve all of its baggage and gradually became perceptible by people on earth. 

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