The Words of the Simonds Family

MFT and Spiritual Growth

Scott Simonds
March 13, 2000

At the risk of sounding dogmatic -- Fundraising is part of the formula course. But it has to be seen in its proper perspective. The formula course involves separating from evil, changing blood lineage, and growing through stages of growth. On that foundation, we have to re-create families as God originally intended them to be - and extend those relationships out into the neighborhoods, communities and world around us. The fundraising component is the process of returning material things to God - on an individual level , separating from worldly attachments - which is a characteristic of the fallen world, and learning how to mobilize resources for heavenly purposes.

All the major religions emphasize losing attachment to material things. Many require a vow of poverty for its priestly class. The ideology of communism is based on the premise that evil came about because of private ownership. The power of its ideology is the idea of returning material things to their rightful owners. So the element of our human experience that involves the ownership and stewardship of material things is very important at every level.

I recall how I would feel guilty when I used fundraising money for a private purpose -- like buying an ice cream sundae. I enjoyed a sundae much more when I received it from someone else -- especially if others were enjoying the same, equally. Think about how the misuse of public money has destroyed families and communities. Money and things that belong to the family should be used in a way that brings the family together, not in a way that becomes a point of division (the TV for example). That can only happen when we value the relationships among ourselves in the family, more than we value satisfying our selfish desires. We learned that on a small scale on MFT.

We've all experienced how God and the Spirit World work to help us fulfill our goals when they were connected to a public purpose. We related to the people while we were fundraising in a completely pure and wholesome way. Even though each encounter was only a brief moment, the people we touched were engaged in a relationship that was completely unselfish -- connected to a much greater purpose. We should expand that lesson to mobilize public resources for bigger purposes in our communities, in the nation and the world. I bought a big house with a room that looks like a chapel. We had in mind that we would use it for public purposes, which we did for a period of time when the state didn't have a meeting place. And we held Hoon Dok Hae in that room every morning. I also bought a big TV thinking this would be great for the kids to have their friends over to watch movies together. Lately, however, the room has turned into a playroom for the kids, a place the dog goes to relieve himself and the kids fight over what they want to watch on TV.

I am responsible for that. We've got to get back to the original purpose for the things that God blessed us with. I already have the sense that the blessings are slipping away. Without my MFT experience, I would not know the difference between using material things centered on the self versus offering them for unselfish purposes. 

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