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Scott Simonds
November 22, 2000

Right now, the national level blessing is occurring at CPL. Those who go through it become citizens in a nation that has no geographical location, yet. Evidently, Father had the condition to start registering people as citizens once he was recognized as a world-level leader at the UN. His status must be similar to the Pope's - who doesn't represent a particular nation but has a delegation to the UN on behalf of the Catholic Church.

We become refugees in search of our own sovereignty. Some day, we'll have a nation. It may be Korea - which is why the wives are mobilized to work there over the next four years. If that providence doesn't produce a nation under God's sovereignty, it may be Brazil or one or more of the Pacific Islands. From there, a condition has to be set for "heavenly national sovereignty" to expand to the world level. Maybe the instituting of the higher body composed of the world's religious leaders at the UN - cooperating under Father's guidance - would set the world level condition. Or perhaps some development in the US, representing the world, adopting the model of the heavenly nation. Then the third level blessing will occur.

Anyway, the path to the Kingdom of Heaven will become wider, and eventually embrace the entire world. Right now there is an opening at CPL, and anyone who can do it ought to pass through to help increase the numbers of "citizens" and contribute to the building of a heavenly nation.

Our wives were given mission areas in Korea as an "inheritance". This reminds me of God's promise to the Israelites that they would have their own nation. The problem was that there were already people living there!! This time, the modern Israelites have to win over the people through love and service.

The CPL providence is the process of bestowing the blessing and the responsibility for restoring the nation. It really is a blessing and an awesome responsibility to go to a nation, which already has a high standard of faith and family values, and attempt to lead by example. (Frankly, I still feel pretty dirty compared to the purity of the people I met there) Yet, we are representatives of the True Parents in their capacity as leaders of a movement to unify and restore the Korean peninsula and establish a culture that exceeds the standards they've already attained.

Now is not the time to be thinking about who will or will not be seated at the right hand of the messiah. It's a time to think about how we are going to rise to the occasion and fulfill the responsibilities we are being given - to live uprightly ("cast no shadows", Father says), to be model husbands and wives, parents and children (realize the the three kingships and four realms of heart in the family), and actively work to restore the nations with providential responsibilities. That's what lies on the other side of the CPL workshop.

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