The Words of the Shimmyo Family

Distributing True Father's Autobiography

Theordore Shimmyo and Sumie Shimmyo
September 30, 2010

On September 30, 2010, both of us as a couple finished distributing 430 copies of Father's autobiography. We first used ( Japan) to send the Japanese translation to our relatives and friends in Japan. And then, here in USA we visited our friends (ministers, Ambassadors for Peace, neighbors, and public officials) to hand out the book to them, and also mailed the book to many billionaires listed at and many mega-church ministers shown in the Hartford Institute for Religion Research database.

Some of the billionaires and mega-church ministers already sent us positive feedback. As a follow-up, we are now praying for all those to whom we have distributed the book. Also beyond this thing, we want to do more outreach in many different ways.

Theodore Shimmyo
Sumie Shimmyo

We reside in Irvington, Westchester County, NY. 

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