The Words of the Shafto Family

Missionary Work In Brazil

Ken Shafto
October 28, 2004

I want to send you a report about my missionary work in our town of Rio Brilhante in Brazil so far this year.

I have been visiting about thirty people on a regular basis this year, and twelve of these are church pastors. When I am not giving a lecture in the evening, I visit a church. Sometimes I visit up to four different churches a week. In July of this year, the headquarters in Sao Paulo produced a wonderful thirty-two page full sized newspaper about the life, work and thought of Reverend Moon. It is full of coloured pictures and shows Fatherís work in the areas of politics, science, religion, world peace, education, family, philanthropy, arts, youth, sports, communications, and economy. There is a biography of both Father and Mother, a one-page summary of the Divine Principle, a page on the persecution of our movement, focused especially on Fatherís case in the USA, and the final three pages are about the work here in Brazil. This has been a wonderful tool for my work. However, I only received twenty-five copies, and so I have been lending them out to people, and I am still doing so.

I utilized these newspapers especially with church pastors. With my closer pastor contacts, afterwards I would lend them "The New Future of Christianity", which has been re-titled, "The Completed Testament". Most reacted positively to this speech. Only the Presbyterian Pastor rejected it so far. The Baptist Pastor, despite having some doubts about the content wants to keep a copy of the speech.

We have many of Fatherís later speeches in our centre, and this year I have been utilizing them much more than in the past. I have been operating a kind of library system. A person I visit borrows a speech for one or more weeks, and when I return that person can swap it for another. People are quite keen to borrow speeches, as there is relatively little reading material in Brazil. Rio Brilhante has a population of about 24,000 people, but the library is only one small room in the town hall holding very few books.

Since the special Kingship Ceremony for True Parents in Korea on 20th August, we have been blessing people in our city with the Chong Il Guk Holy Wine. Until 3rd October, we blessed about 200 people. We are continuing this blessing and we have blessed a further 50 people until now. They make their vows, and we give them guidance for their family lives. We often leave them with a pamphlet, which gives them further guidance, together with an invitation to a talk in our centre.

Towards the end of September a man called Raul visited us to whom I had given a one-day seminar last year. Last year he was visiting his family, and after two weeks he returned to his work in Rio de Janeiro. This time he says he wants to stay and work here. I have given him the two-day content over a period of twelve days in the evenings, and I am now in the process of going through the 7-day content.

I am still teaching English in the neighbouring town of Nova Alvorada for two days a week. Our children are now 15, 13, 8 and almost 6. The two elder ones are coming toward the end of 7th grade, the third one the end of 2nd grade, and the fourth one has yet to begin school. She is still being taught English at home by her mum.

Thank you for your continued financial support for our work.

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