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Great Victories in NY!

Howard Self
October 7, 2003

Dear AFC Leaders,

Last week, I was blessed to be able to join the effort in NY for a few days, mainly to help on the UN Rally. This is a short report on developments there.

As you know, our President, Jim Flynn, has been fully engaged in directing the 7 Nation Mobilization Campaign in New York. All of AFC can be proud of the way that he has represented not only AFC, but the American movement as a whole. Jim has been working directly under Rev. Hwang and Dr.Yang as they have led the 1000+ volunteers in a very intense and highly directed effort. 21-22 hour days have been quite common for Jim. In spite of such exhausting conditions, Jim has been the solid central point for all planning and coordination of the many projects undertaken. (For 9 days, Dr. Yang and Rev Jenkins were away on the 2nd victorious Pilgrimage to Israel)

There were many meetings with TF. Indeed, you may have heard that TF made the condition of coming to the New Yorker/Manhattan Center for HDK for the last 7 days. (This meant that he had to leave EG a little after 3 AM each day.) Every day TF was engaged directly in the Campaign. Directions came fast and furious at times. A large part of the effort became the condition of promulgating the messages from the Spiritual Realm, especially the messages from the Presidents.

The intense campaign, now well over a month in duration, was all pointed toward this last Friday, October 3, for 2 major events- the founding of the International Peace Council and a large rally at the UN. The New Yorker Hotel has been the HQtrs for the Campaign and from Oct 1-4, was also the site of the large (around 300 participants) IIFWP International Peace Council conference. The main purpose of the conference was to establish the IPC, also called the "Abel UN". This was an incredibly important accomplishment. The "Abel UN" was founded during TF's speech on Friday morning (originally scheduled for one hour,,,,,became 2 and one half hours.) TF poured out all of his heart to the conference. His official speech was printed in its entirety in the Washington Times on the same day. The second major event was a large rally, entitled "PEACE UNDER ONE GOD" , to be held at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at the UN in the afternoon. The internal purpose of this rally was to "seal" the establishment of the IPC.

Both events were great victories! The IPC was enthusiastically accepted and endorsed by the conference participants (top people from around 100 nations). This international and interreligious accomplishment came on the foundation of the powerful conditions of indemnity paid by the Founders, by the Mobilization brothers and sisters, and the victorious Pilgrimages to Rome and Israel. (The dear sacrifices made by a total of 5 2nd Generation within the last year, representing respectively the nations of Korea, Japan, the U.S., China and Russia, who gave their lives while on the front line, were perhaps the strongest condition on Heaven's side) All participants of the Conference actually signed the founding document.

The rally filled to overflowing the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. It was announced from the stage that the police (who supported us in everything) estimated the crowd to be over 12,000. Many buses came from Wash, DC, Boston and every point in between. Over 100 buses were involved. 36 sponsoring organizations were listed on the printed program. The "Pre-Program" was MCed by Rev. Levi Daugherty and featured many exciting performances by such groups as the WAIT Team. Rev Daugherty did a masterful job of extending the Pre-Program (due to the extension of TF's speech)

The official rally program was MCed by Rev. Michael Jenkins. It was preceeded by a procession of top ministers and dignitaries behind the banner proclaiming "Peace Under One God". The procession was led by Rev. Kwak, Rev. Hwang, Dr. Yang, and Rev. Jenkins, accompanied by dignitaries.

Above the large stage, which was set up at the nearest point to the UN, was a giant "Jumbo-Tron" video screen which projected the image of the speakers and performers, as well as shots of the crowd, throughout the rally. After the invocation by Rev. Don Olson of Florida, the video "The Pilgrimage for Reconciliation" was shown. This amazing and very moving video was an amalgamation of the 2 Pilgrimages to Rome and Israel. The footage of the 2nd Pilgrimage, showing the initial resistance and blocking of the march and then the dramatic breakthrough with the Security forces, gaining their support so that the pilgrimage could go to never before visited places, was so very moving. Many in the crowd had tears spring to their eyes to see the beauty of that long sought after development....of Muslims, Christians and Jews hugging each other in the holiest sites of their respective faiths.

This beauty was repeated on the stage as speaker after speaker, each representing a different faith, expressed their heart felt desire ...and the desire of God, Himself, to unite in peace and love with his brothers of different faiths. (The police, who are used to seeing only rallies of protests were moved themselves to see such a gathering of total peace and love) Needless to say, the spirit was incredibly high for the entire event. Rev. Kwak gave the keynote address. A large mock up of the IPC resolution was ceremoniously signed by key figures. Near the end, beautiful white doves, about 30 in number, were released one by one, to represent the spirit of peace and brotherhood flying to all corners of the earth.

In meetings since the victories of Oct 3, TF has made it clear that he will internationalize the effort that was made in NY. Details about how that will happen are sure to come soon. One thing was made very clear. The main task for the international effort is to raise up many more Ambassadors for Peace worldwide. This is AFC's main task right now, as we all know. Please continue your efforts so that we can quickly reach the goal of 5, 350 for the U.S. The new one hour powerpoint for AFPs is nearing completion. Jim expects to be in NY through Oct 22 to complete the condition, but his clear direction to all of us is to focus on multiplying and educating the AFPs. Let us take advantage of the solid foundation of victory that we have been given! God bless you and your families,

In Their Love

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