The Words of the Schnaap Family

Seung Hwa Ceremony for Annick Schnapp

Christopher Davies
November 11, 2007

Our most beloved sister Annick Schnapp has passed into the spiritual world, in the evening of Friday, 9th November.

Annick was born in France in 1946, joined our family movement in 1974 and has dedicated her entire life to God and True Parents ever since.

She was blessed in the 118 couples blessing in Europe, 1978, with Robert Schnapp, and has given birth to one son, Christoph Schnapp, and one daughter, Nicole German. Annick has touched many people's lives with her beautiful and giving heart and her joy for music.

This Friday, 16th November, from 10 am to 12 noon (German time), we will hold a Seung Hwa Ceremony and official funeral together, to celebrate her life on earth, express our gratitude and to support her transition into the spiritual world, where she will start her new life in the embrace of God's Love.

Her family would like to express their deepest gratitude to everyone for your sincere prayers and support in this time.

The Seung Hwa Ceremony will be in Germany, Duisburg-Essenberg. A map is attached for those who can come by car. For those who like to take a flight from Great Britain, you can buy cheap return flights with Ryan Air from London Stansted- Düsseldorf (Weeze), ( Pick up from the airport can be arranged.

It is understandable that not everyone will be able to come to the Seung Hwa Ceremony, but if you can, please let her family know latest by Wednesday

Annick’s daughter, Nicole German, would like to make a remembrance book with pictures and quotes about her/to her from brothers and sisters, friends and family. If you like to send some pictures or writings, please e/mail them to Germany. This will be very much appreciated!!

Testimony: Hans Campman

Surely one of the greatest and most inspirational musicians in our Family, not just in the Netherlands or even in Europe, knew Annick well, particularly when he lived in Germany.

He said today that he had had "many good moments with Annick, talking about life and making music together" (he often accompanied her). He was most impressed with her strong vision of music and how it could be used for God's providence, to connect people horizontally and vertically; but while this was his first comment, he quickly added that what he remembered and valued even more was her "warm sharing from the heart."

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