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Important Updates For True Parents Matching and Cosmic blessing Ceremony for Blessed Children Nov. 14-16, 2009 Clarification of Qualifications and Requirements

Phillip Schanker
November 4, 2009

MEMO: BFD 2009-11-04

To: District Directors, State and Church Leaders, Blessed Central Families
From: Blessed Family Department
Re: Important Updates For True Parents Matching and Cosmic blessing Ceremony for Blessed Children Nov. 14-16, 2009 Clarification of Qualifications and Requirements
Date: November 4, 2009

This memo Should Accompany International Memo FFWPUI 2009-49

The attached International Memo FFWPUI 2009-49 conveys True Parents’ directions regarding the Matching and Blessing Ceremony November 14-16, 2009 in Korea. The qualifications are more open than previously announced, the application deadline is extended, and more detailed requirements and preparation have been clarified. Those interested in applying should carefully read and comply with the international instructions, as well as the important changes and information applicable to US applicants noted below. See international memo for schedule and program details:

I. Updated Qualifications: Who Can Participate

This matching and Blessing ceremony is for Blessed Children matched in person by True Parents only. The Cheon ll Guk standard established for True Parents’ matching will apply for candidates. These are listed in the international memo and clarified in the previous national memo BFD 2009-11-02. However, two important exceptions are:

A. Those who were Blessed before, whose partner broke the Blessing, may participate.

B. Those 25 and older may also apply and plan to participate, though they will be interviewed and confirmed in Korea prior to the matching.

II. Application Process and Extended Deadline

The application requirements listed below must be completed and communicated to the U.S. National Blessed Family Department by Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 10:00 PM EST. While our district and national BFD will work with each applicant and family to address any difficulties in the application process, candidates whose information arrives after the deadline cannot be guaranteed to participate in the matching and Blessing.

Applicants must complete the following and submit to the National BFD. Documents are attached, available from your district BFD, or can be downloaded by clicking the event banner in the members’ area at Scan and Email to; bring originals to Korea:

A. Blessing Application Form (attached) print out, fill out, obtain all signatures. Scan and Email to Bring the original to Korea.

B. Purity Interview Form (attached) fill out honestly and sign. Obtain signatures of parents and complete purity interview with district director or designated representative. Scan and Email to, bring original to Korea.

C. Confirmation Form for True Parents’ Matching (attached) print and complete all signatures (National HQ will sign in Korea). Email to and bring original to Korea.

D. Blessing Fee Payment and Form (attached)- the Blessing fee is an important condition of gratitude and sincerity to receive the Blessing. The offering is $1500 per candidate. In case of hardship, a minimum of $1000 should be completed before the Blessing, with the remainder due by Feb. 15, 2010. Complete, scan and Email the payment form to, bring original to Korea. Payment must be received by Nov. 9.

Include credit card information on payment form, or mail check or money order to:

Blessed Family Department ATTN: Matching Room 626
481 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10036

Indicate on fee form where receipt should be faxed or Emailed. Bring it to Korea

E. Recommendation Letter to participate in True Parents’ Matching and Blessing from local church leader -- Email scanned copy to, bring original to Korea.

F. Two 8 x 10 Photos, front view -- one full length, head to toe; one head and shoulders. We recommend to dress well, face directly to camera with full face and forehead visible. Bring originals to Korea, scan and Email to National BFD by November 8th deadline.

G. Health Report (attached) Complete and include with application

H. HIV / AIDS Test -- Note: Planned Parenthood offices will complete in 1 hour for walk-ins. Email to BFD, original to Korea.

I. Physical Exam- complete basic physical with doctor or clinic, Email with MD signature and bring original.

J. Certificate or Proof of Blessing Workshop (within last two years)- this educational requirement may be completed after the Blessing if necessary, but should be accomplished. Candidates will also complete education in Korea before matching.

K. Seven-day Fast- Participants should complete a Seven-day fast, ideally prior to the Blessing. Due to short notice, candidates may complete a three day fast before, and a four-day fast afterward.

III. Preparation Details

Schedule: Participants should arrive on Nov. 13. Details in international or previous memo.

Venue: All events will take place at or near Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. See international memo for details.

Transportation: will be provided from Incheon Airport to Chung Pyung. Details will follow.

Be sure to bring:

1) Blessing attire (see international memo)

2) FM Radio for simultaneous translation

Blessing Rings -- official rings, 14K gold with a diamond embedded will be available for purchase at the accommodations for approximately $275 for men, $240 for women. To pre-order, see int’l memo.

NOTE: The workshop and ceremony participation fees described in the international memo are covered by participants’ Blessing fees. U.S. HQ will be responsible for payment in Korea.

We look forward to welcoming many U.S. candidates in Korea. For questions or further information, contact your district BFD, or Email us at

Love and prayer,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
Blessed Family Department 

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