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Proper Attire for Couples Participating in the Blessing at True Parents’ Birthday - January 31, 2009

Phillip Schanker, Inguk Seo, Jim and Hiromi Stephens
January 24, 2009

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification North American Headquarters
Blessed Family Department / BC Blessing Department
3224 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20010
Dr. In Jin Moon, Chairman, FFWPU-USA
Dr. Pyung Hwa Kim, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, USA President

(MEMO 2009-01-24)

TO: USA District Directors, FFWPU Leaders, Blessed Central Families
FROM: Rev. Phillip Schanker, Rev. Inguk Seo, Jim and Hiromi Stephens
DATE: January 24, 2009
RE: Proper Attire for Couples Participating in the Blessing at True Parents’ Birthday - January 31, 2009

We pray for God and True Parents' blessings and love to be with all American members as we prepare to celebrate True Father's 90th birthday and the International Blessing Ceremony. Please communicate the following guidelines for appropriate attire for the Blessing to all participating couples.

1. True Parents' desire is that couples dress in the traditional attire of their nations or ancestors, representing the diversity of the world community represented in this Blessing Ceremony. Wherever possible, participants are encouraged to do so.

2. International, Cross-cultural couples, where each partner is dressed in their national dress, will further exemplify the beauty and diversity of the Blessing Ceremony

3. In situations where it is difficult or impossible to identify or obtain national dress, participants are welcome to dress in traditional Blessing attire, white wedding dresses for women and dark blue or black suits and red ties for men. It may be noted that while the USA does not have a particular national costume (other than clothing from historical periods), dark suits and wedding dresses are in fact the traditional wedding attire in America.

4. Wedding veils and wedding bouquets will be available for use by couples where appropriate.

5. For questions or information contact, Blessed Family Department - Hiromi Stephens or BC Blessing Department - Rev. Inguk Seo

God bless you,

The Blessing Coordination Team

Rev. Phillip Schanker
Vice Pres. for Education, FFWPU

Rev. Inguk Seo
Director, BC Blessing Dept., FFWPU

Jim Stephens
National Co-Director, BFD- FFWPU

Hiromi Stephens
National Co-Director, BFD- FFWPU 

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