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Special Blessing Ceremony on the occasion of True Father’s 90th Birthday

Phillip Schanker and Inguk Seo
November 25, 2008

(NHQ BC Blessing - 08 -- 002)

TO: District Directors, All FFWPU Leaders, BFD Representatives, and All Blessed Central Families
FROM: Rev. Phillip Schanker, Rev. Inguk Seo
DATE: November 25, 2008
RE: Special Blessing Ceremony on the occasion of True Father’s 90th Birthday

Dear Blessed Families,

True Parents will match 2nd Generation for a Special Blessing Ceremony to be held on February 1st in Korea. Those interested in participating should review the basic information below, based upon the international memo, and submit all documents by January 10th, 2009. More details will be announced soon. Announcements regarding participation of 1st Generation Blessing candidates and 2nd Generation Blessing candidates who were already matched by their own parents will be made at a later date.

1. Blessing Ceremony (Tentative Name of Event): “Marriage Blessing Ceremony for the Godly Civilization under the Sacred Reign of Peace” (Special Blessing Ceremony on the Occasion of True Father’s 90th Birthday)

2. Date: February 1, 2009 (Sunday)

3. Venue: Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center, Korea (to be confirmed)

4. Participants: Second Generation single Blessing candidates

5. True Parents may preside over a matching ceremony for second generation candidates who come in person or who submit their photos; the matching ceremony will be cross-cultural and international.

6. Qualifications for Second Generation Matching and Blessing Candidates Single Second Generation members between the ages 17 - 24 who have maintained their purity, meeting the following qualifications to be a candidate for the Cheon Il Guk Blessing

1) Purity: Those who have maintained purity of lineage, and have had no exclusive romantic relationship (girlfriend/boyfriend) or experience of kissing, dating or beyond.

2) Absolute Faith: To accept True Parents’ match without question and not break it.

3) International Blessing: Willingness to receive international, interracial or intercultural Blessing to create one global family

4) Public Commitment: Resolved to live for the sake of others through public activities for at least three years

5) First Time Blessing: Those who have never been previously blessed. (Those who broke TP’s matching are NOT eligible to apply for TP’s matching again)

6) Good Health: Those who have no special physical or psychological problems. * Any updates or changes in the qualifications will be announced.

7. Documents to submit Please download all documents at the BC Blessing Dep’t website:

1) Blessing Application Form signed by District director

2) Family Introduction Form.

3) Interview and Confession Form signed by District director.

4) Two 8" x 10" photos of each person. One photo of head and shoulders only. One of whole body. Indoors, plain background.

5) Graduation certificate from a Blessing Workshop

6) Completed AIDS test

7) Certificate of Physical Exam

8) Signed Confirmation of Qualification for True Parents' Matching

9) Blessing fee receipt

8. Blessing Fee [more than an administrative fee- a meaningful historical condition] The standard Blessing fee is $1,500. per candidate for those traveling to Korea. (Please use ‘Blessing fee payment form’ at

9. Deadline for submitting documents and Blessing fee: January 10th, 2009

10. 7 Day Fast: 7 day fast should be done by all participants before the Blessing.

11. Where to Submit Documents and Blessing Fees

1) By mail: Rev. Inguk Seo
BC Blessing Department
4 W. 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

2) By email: (For electronic pictures, the resolution must be more than 1MB)

For further information, contact Rev. Inguk Seo, Director of BC Blessing Dept., FFWPU-USA.

Most sincerely,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
Vice-President for Education

Rev. Inguk Seo
Director, BC Blessing Department

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