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FFWPU USA's Internship Program for Young Adult Unificationists

Phillip Schanker
March 4, 2008

Explore Your Faith!
Make a Contribution!
Jumpstart Your Career!
The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification- USAís
For Young Adult Unificationists

If you are 18 years of age or older and would like to gain professional experience in a particular field, learn a new skill, spend a few weeks or months doing something meaningful, investigate the Unification faith and community through practical experience, or just help out, visit our internship web-center at to find out what opportunities are available for young adult Unificationists.

Be a teacherís assistant, shoot and edit films, or manage a horse farm. Design youth programs, learn marketing and communications or teach Character Education overseas. These and many other opportunities in Unification-related organizations await you. Spend a month, a summer, or a year growing as a person and supporting Godís providence.


Learn how the program works, examine the internsí code of conduct, browse available internships, sign up and get started!

Here are some examples:

FFWPU-USA Education Department Internship Program Director $100

VisionRoot Community outreach and fundraising specialist $50/wk

World Peace Herald IT Director

Jin-A Teacher assistant $8 per hour

Washington AIDS International Teens (WAIT) Dance Intern

Washington AIDS International Teens (WAIT) International Trainer

Washington AIDS International Teens (WAIT) Audio Production Intern

Washington AIDS International Teens (WAIT) Video Production Intern

Washington AIDS International Teens (WAIT) Webmaster

Washington AIDS International Teens (WAIT) Non-Profit Operation Management Intern

VisionRoot STAR Guide Intern $50/w

VisionRoot STAR Guide Intern $$50/w

District 4 FFWP District 4 Administrative Intern $$50/w

IRFF Administrative Assistant

New Hope Farms Bookkeeper

New Hope Farms Equestrian / Equine Management Trainee

Universal Peace Federation-Character Education Development and Grants Reserarch

Universal Peace Federation-Character Education Educational Projects and Materials Intern

Universal Peace Federation-Character Education Marketing and Communications Intern

New Hope School Summer Program Sports Director $10 per hour

Universal Peace Federation-Character Education Peer Counselors and Educators-Africa

Universal Peace Federation-Character Education Peer Counselors and Educators-S. Pacific and Asia

Next Gen Academy Team Leader

Next Gen Academy Nourishment Director

Next Gen Academy Business Development Intern

Next Gen Academy Fundraising Intern

Next Gen Academy Local and Regional Workshop Intern

Next Gen Academy Local and Global Service Intern

Next Gen Academy Director's Assistant

FFWPU-USA Education Department Director's Assistant, Audio-Visual Department $100/w

FFWPU-USA Education Department Sunday School Curriculum Development $100/w

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