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Initial Candidate Search: Director of Public Affairs / Communications

Phillip Schanker
March 2, 2008

Memo E 2008-03-02


To: District, State, Church and Department Directors- PLEASE DISTRIBUTE
From: Education Department
Date: March 2, 2008
RE: Initial Candidate Search: Director of Public Affairs / Communications

FFWPU- USA is searching for candidates interested in developing and leading a Public Affairs / Communications Department in America:


Ideal candidates should be Unificationists who have experience in media or public relations, marketing or communications, and who clearly resonate with the Principle, the value of the Blessing and the vision and goals of the Family Federation in the USA and the world. Knowledge and experience with websites and internet marketing, filmmaking, publishing and media relations is a plus.


Developing Strategic Vision and Plan for Public Affairs
Work Cooperatively with Movement-wide Public Affairs and Media Efforts, with a Coordinated Strategy
Develop and Implement Communications Strategy for FFWPU "Brand"
Develop and Implement Internet Communications Strategy
Build Relationships with US Media Outlets; Address attacks and negative issues


To be discussed based upon experience, availability, location, department plan, etc.

The Education Department will gather applicants on behalf of HQ, as part of a preliminary search for candidates. Interested applicants can submit resumes, and any ideas or proposals to the Education Department. We will respond within the month of March.

Love and prayer,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
Vice President for Education

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