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The FFWPU- USA Internship Program Has Arrived - Calling For Interns

Phillip Schanker
February 28, 2008

Memo E 2008-02-28


To: All Church Leadership, Second Generation Leadership and Young Adult Ministers, Blessed Families and Young Adult Unificationists
From: Education Department
Date: February 28, 2008
RE: The FFWPU- USA Internship Program Has Arrived! Calling For Interns

The FFWPU-USA Internship Program offers Young Adults of the Unification Faith a wide array of opportunities to experience our movement, connect to its vision and purpose, develop a particular set of skills or pursue a chosen career. Please help make youth in your area aware of this program.

The program is designed for youth 18 years of age or older who may not be attracted to or active in the traditional "frontline" or experience-based programs. As an intern they can spend a few weeks, a summer or a year to gain professional experience in a particular field, learn a new skill, investigate their faith through practical experience, or just do something meaningful.

Internships come in a variety of shapes and sizes: working with an "affiliated organization;" assisting at a Unificationist school; a short-term outreach program in the Middle East or on Capitol Hill. Interns can learn to: make films, manage a horse farm, teach character education, develop marketing and communications, or work with FFWPU in their local district.

These can be structured according to the internís availability and the organizationís need. FFWPUís Internship Program identifies available internships and screens them according to basic spiritual and professional standards. We recruit and orient interns according to an established code of conduct. Candidates can apply to organizations with positions matching their skills or interests. We work to assure that interns are mentored and supported and monitor each internship experience.

Announcing the Program and Calling for Interns

1. Distribute this MEMO to all churches, departments, and families under your responsibility.
2. Post the attached flyer in churches, offices, and wherever young adults and their parents can see it. Include it in your Sunday Service Bulletins; distribute it by Email.
3. Visit our easy-to-use internship web-center at to learn more about the program.
There anyone interested in benefiting from this program can learn how it works, review the program standards and intern code of conduct, browse available positions, and sign up as an organization or intern candidate.

For further information or questions contact us at We will do our best to provide benefit to our community and opportunity to our next generation through this program.

Love and prayer,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
VP for Education

David P. Hunter
Director of Youth Education Department
FFWPU- USA Education

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