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Changing The Image Of True Parents And The Unification Movement On The Internet, Especially YouTube

Phillip Schanker
February 19, 2008

MEMO ED 2008-02-16


TO: District, State and Church Leaders, Blessed Family Department Representatives; for all Blessed Central Families and Second Generation
FROM: Rev. Phillip Schanker -- VP for Education, FFWPU-USA and David Hunter -- Director of Youth Education, FFWPU-USA Education Dept.
DATE: February 9, 2008
RE: Changing the Image of True Parents and the Unification Movement on the Internet, especially YouTube

In keeping with some of the desired outcomes of the four national level Witnessing Summits, the Education Department of FFWPU-USA is taking steps to present more positive messages about True Parents and the Unification Movement on the Internet. But we need your help!

Unfortunately, we can not remove or delete negative content on the internet. But we can take steps to offset that content by saturating the internet with positive media and taking steps so that the positive content rises to the top of search results lists related to the Unification Movement.

The Education Department is currently focusing on YouTube, the most commonly used video-viewing website on the internet. We are making efforts to place on YouTube a large resource of videos that truly represents the ideals, life and work of our True Parents and the Unification Movement -- videos focusing on family values, the Blessing of marriage, and peace.

Placing such videos on YouTube is not enough, however. Despite many videos already uploaded, negative videos still top the list when you search "Unification Church." We are realizing that the videos that end up at the top of the list are the ones that have the most views, are the highest-rated, and have the most comments. This is where we need the concerted efforts of all Blessed Central Families.

You can make a difference by following these simple steps:

1. Go to
2. Create a free YouTube account if you donít already have one.
3. Log into YouTube using your new or existing account.
4. Find the Education Departmentís user account, called "FFWPUUSA."
5. Click on, "Subscribe to this User."
6. View all the videos that we have already uploaded.
7. Rate each video (we hope you will feel that each one deserves five stars!), and add your comments about them. (We welcome your critiques, but please send those directly to us by email. We hope your comments on YouTube will inspire others to watch these videos as well.)

By subscribing to our account (FFWPUUSA), you will be notified by email anytime we upload a new video. In this way, you will always be able to quickly view our new videos, rate them and make (positive) comments on them.

We are confident that you will enjoy and benefit from the videos we place on YouTube. At the same time, deliberate efforts of our American membership can quickly give our True Parents, and us, a more balanced and accurate (and positive) image on YouTube. Isnít this worth a couple minutes of your time?

Thank you in advance for helping to make True Parents and the Unification Movement better understood on the internet.

May God bless you and your family,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
VP for Education

David P. Hunter
Director of Youth Education
FFWPU-USA Education Department

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