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Internship Program Advance Availability

Phillip Schanker
December 11, 2007

Memo E 2007-12-11


To: District, State, Church and Department Directors
From: Education Department
Date: December 11, 2007
RE: FFWPU- USA Internship Program Now Available

I am pleased to announce to you once again about the FFWPU-USA Internship Program, and offer you an opportunity to participate prior to our national announcement. Through this program a wide array of opportunities will be offered for Unificationist young adults to experience our movement, connect to its vision and purpose, develop a particular set of skills or pursue a chosen career.

In addition to the existing experience-based programs that support the spiritual development of our youth through frontline activity, service work, adventure, etc., we want to make youth aged 18 and older aware of the many ways they can benefit by working with and for an organization like yours.

Internships may come in a variety of shapes and sizes: working with an "affiliated organization;" assisting at a Unificationist school; a short-term outreach program in the Middle East or on Capitol Hill; teaching character education, or working with FFWPU in your district. These can be structured according to the internís availability and the organizationís need. Our program will orient interns according to an established code of conduct, recommend internships, network candidates with the organizations matching their interests and skills, and monitor each internship experience.

Here is how you can participate:

(1) Visit our internship web-center at On the homepage under "Internship Candidates," click on the "Browse Host Organizations" link and view the sample internships already posted. Click on an organization or specific position and take a look at how each opportunity is structured.

(2) Click on the "About" link in the left-side menu; look at how the program is organized, view the "Code of Conduct" for interns, the "Internship Standards" for host organizations, and the program description. Spend some time learning how this program can benefit your church and your youth.

(3) Consider with your support team and local leaders how and where your community can benefit by working with interns. Identify at least one internship coordinator for your district.

(4) Advertise this program in your church bulletins, Email lists, and to youth in your community.

(5) Design as many concrete internships as you feel will be beneficial. Register your organization and each proposed internship at the website.

When our program staff calls, get the program details, ask your questions, or connect them with the coordinator you have identified. Our staff will do their best to ensure that this program will be a benefit to your organization and a blessing to our next generation.

Love and prayer,

Rev. Phillip Schanker
VP for Education; FFWPU-USA

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