The Words of the Schanker Family

Condolence to the Blessed Central Family of Rev. Philip Schanker

October 8, 2007

Condolence to the Blessed Central Family of Rev. Philipp Schanker whose Beloved Wife and Daughter of God

Mrs. Hyeshik Schanker has transitioned to the Spirit World.

We congratulate our deeply respected and beloved elder brother, Rev. Philip Schanker for giving us an example of how a blessed central family should live for God and True Parents and to exist for the sake of others. Your contributions to the Philippine Providence will always be remembered by Philippine UM members.

Mrs. Hyeshik Schanker, please remember that you will always be in our hearts and minds and your sterling example of a true wife will always inspire us eternally to do more for Heaven and to stay in love, in faith and service as blessed central families.

From all of us, now scattered around the world and gathered together in cyberspace, our deepest condolence and sympathy:

Baguio Center Alumni
Filjap Blessed Family Movement
Blessed Community Association-International
Tong Il Moo Do egroup
Visayas Blessed Community
Mindanao Blessed Community
Cabanatuan Center Alumni
CKTA Global Community
KTE Educational Journey
Global Peace Forum

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