The Words of the Schanker Family

Our Beloved Sister Mrs. Hyeshik Schanker has transitioned to the spirit world

Michael Jenkins
October 8, 2007

Dear Family,

Mrs. Schanker passed away tonight (Monday, October 8th) at 10:35 PM. Rev. Schanker and the whole family were with her today. Dr. and Mrs. Yang visited and prayed with her tonight. She had to be taken to emergency care and then she passed into the spirit world.

Rev. and Mrs. Schanker have given everything for the glory of God and True Parents! They are a most beautiful eternal blessed couple of True Love.

Let us surround them and their children with our sincere love and prayer.

We are deeply moved by Hyeshik's life and love for God and True Parent's and heart for America. She served and took care of True Parents night and day whenever they came to Washington. She took care of so many American members. The Washington community and all of America weeps over her passing.

Her love for her husband and her family and their love for her is the finest example among our blessed central families of True Love.

Dr. Yang shared with me tonight that her Seung Hwa will be Wednesday morning, October 10th in Washington.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Church of America

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