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New Education Webpage, Videos for Cable & DP PowerPoints

Phillip Schanker
June 4, 2006

Memo E 2006-06-04


To: Regional Directors, Vice Directors, Church and State Leaders, All Tribal Messiahs and Blessed Central Families

From: Education Department

Date: June 4, 2006

RE: New Education Webpage, Videos for Cable & DP PowerPoints

Exciting news! The FFWPU- USA Education Department webpage, so long dormant, has been redesigned, and new materials are available from the Education Department.

I. Reaching the New Education Department Webpage

On the homepage you will find a green button labeled "Education" on the left-side menu. Clicking it will bring you to the main page of the Education Department. From there you can access PowerPoints, Videos, materials and information regarding what the Education Department is doing, and you can order materials. The site is under construction, so keep your eye on us, as there is much more to come. Currently, 2 new materials are available at our site:

II. Hoon Dok Divine Principle

Prior to completing the advanced illustrated version we have already introduced, we have been asked to develop an "orthodox" PowerPoint version of the Divine Principle, using the original text of the Divine Principle and based upon the existing House of Unification material and its diagrams. Diagrams are richly colored and animated step-by-step in relation to the DP text. Section titles are included, and hyperlinks allow for easy movement to sections of choice. For a sample, visit the Education Department webpage.

The illustrations and diagrams make this an excellent teaching tool for one-on-one lecturing. Anyone can develop lecturing ability as they use it! And it's free!

Great for developing "Family Home Church" (HDFC)

Part 1 of the Red-level (Introduction through Christology), with some additional Bible quotes where necessary, is available. Part 2 will be finished soon, and posted immediately. To order, and click on the green "Education" button on the homepage's left-side menu.

III. Monthly Videos for Cable

More and more churches are sharing about our movement by reserving free time on local "Public Access" cable channels or purchasing time on commercial cable channels. To meet the demand for new material to show to the public, we will produce 60 minutes of cable-ready video each month for the next 12 months. This will include some of our best recent videos, Divine Principle lectures from recent seminars, and new videos as well. Each video will include two 28 minute segments, perfect for 30 or 60 minutes of cable broadcast, and made available in DV Cam and Betacam formats for broadcast, as well as VHS.

June's cable material includes 30 minutes introducing our movement, combining "In Search of an Ideal" and "Man of Peace," as well as 30 minutes introducing the Middle East Peace Initiative, combining "Beyond the Cross" and "The Path to Peace." July's broadcast will combine some of our best Blessing videos with the much-loved piece on True Mother, "The Way of True Love." DP lectures will fill the succeeding months, and new material will be introduced as well.

You can purchase each month's video (consisting of two 28 minute segments) at the Education Department webpage, or order a 12-month subscription and receive the entire series at a discount. If you do not have a cable ministry already in progress, Start One! Call your local cable company to find out how to acquire time and what video format they would like you to submit. By law, companies are required to offer "Public Access" channels free. These are the channels where you see people's wedding video's or amateur productions, and are available to all who apply based upon availability. You can also inquire about buying commercial time on a more popular cable station.

You can reserve 60 minutes per week and show both segments for 4 weeks running, asking the station's editors to include a local phone number to contact. Or reserve 30 minutes and show each segment for 2 weeks, with new material for the following month.

Visit the Education Page at <> for information and to order.

For additional information or questions please contact Sheila Song at (202) 319-3200, ext. 126, or by Email at May God Bless your efforts.


Rev. Phillip Schanker VP for Education & Public Affairs

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