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"Man of Peace" Video from TP’s 12-City Tour Now Available

Phillip Schanker
October 24, 2005

A large number of people and organizations have requested copies of the "Man of Peace" video, which was shown prior to Rev. Moon’s keynote address at each event during the recent 12-City tour, for education and outreach purposes. After some minor edits and adjustments, the 12-minute piece is now available from the Education Department, in either VHS or DVD format.

Rather than a simple chronological report of Father Moon’s life and achievements, the film briefly explores three pillars of his philosophy of peacemaking, how these have been expressed in his life and work, and how they have inspired others:

Loving one’s Enemy
Living for the Sake of Others
The family as an Instrument of Peacemaking

While we wish to make this and every production widely available, it is important that we cover the costs of each production ($5,000 – 10,000) through sales. Therefore, we urge those who want multiple copies to discuss a reasonable price for larger quantities, rather than making lower-quality copies yourself. Prices are:

1 Copy: $10.00;
3 Copies: $25.00;

With deeper discounts for multiple copies.

For orders and information please contact Sheila Song at (202) 319-3200, ext. 126, or by Email at You can also order copies through the website beginning Monday, October 24, 2005.

See attached Excel file for the order form.

Rev. Phillip Schanker
VP for Education & Public Affairs

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