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July 26th Blessing: Updates, Schedule and Locations

Phillip Schanker
July 10, 2004

To: Regional and Vice-Reg’l Directors, State Leaders, BCFs and Blessing Candidates
From: Blessed Family Department
Date: July 10, 2004


A. Location of Events in Korea

Blessing: Yoo Kwan Soon Gymnasium Cheonan, South Korea (Approximately 1.5 hours south of Seoul) Residence for 2nd Generation Couples and their Guests: Like last year, the 2nd Generation couples and their families will stay at the Glory Condo in Dogo, about a 15 minute bus ride to Cheonan.

Location: Glory Condo
Address: Choong-nam, Asan-shi, Dogo Myun, Ki-gok Ri 17-10
Telephone: (041) 541 - 7100 (From USA dial 011 + 82 + 41-541-7100)
Fax: (041) 541 - 7111

All families and guests of 2nd Generation couples are encouraged to stay with the Blessing candidates at Glory Condo, for convenience and travel. Guests will be asked to pay approximately $100 for 2 nights accommodation plus meals and transportation.

The Condos have kitchens in each room and a small convenience store in the basement where they sell some basic food and snacks. Also, Dogo is known for its hot springs. The Condo has a public bath with natural hot spring water, that costs about $5 to use. The Condo also has a swimming pool ($3 to use). Time may be short, but if you’d like to take advantage of these, please bring your swimming suit. For pictures of the Glory Condo on the web, visit:, or

Residence for 1st Generation Couples:

1st generation Couples from America (except sisters matched with a man from Korea or Japan) will be staying at Yeoju Namhangang Ilsung Condominium, about 1 hour by bus from the Cheonan Blessing site and a bit further from the Glory Condo where 2nd Gen. will be:

Location: Yeoju Namhangang Ilsung Condominium
Address: Ilsung Condo, 561-1 Cheonsong-ri, Buknae-myeon, Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggido
Telephone: 82-(0)31-883-1199

Women from our North American delegation who are being Blessed with a husband living in Korea or Japan should contact the Blessed Family Department to find out where you will be staying.

B. Travel to Korea and Arrival Information

Air Reservations: If you do not yet have your air travel to Korea confirmed, you can call Go World Travel at (800) 327-3667. They are still finding seats here and there, though very few seats remain available to travel to Korea on or around July 24th. Some tickets may be available out of San Francisco to Korea on Singapore Airlines.

Arrivals in Korea: Please plan to arrive on July 24th, as that is the day when buses will be arranged to pick up people and take them to the Condo. Your arrival and departure schedule should be sent by email to Matthew Jones at Also, arrival and departure information should be reported to your Regional HQ. Regions should forward participant arrivals and departures to the Blessed Family Department, as requested on the updated Candidate Report Form.

At Inchon Airport, once you pass immigration and customs and enter the arrival lobby, go to Block F, Door 14 (to your right as you face the street outside, the last door at the end of the lobby). WCSF staff will guide you to the appropriate shuttle to Glory Condo or Namhangang.

If for some reason you cannot find the welcome staff or shuttle, contact Matthew Jones by cell phone at 019-9730-2003 [when dialing from Korea- phone cards and cell phone rentals are available at the airport]. If that is not possible, here is some information about how to get to the Dogo Glory Condos from Seoul (Namhangang, in the city of Yeosu, can also be reached by bus from Seoul). Take a public bus (from the airport or anywhere in Seoul) to Seoul Station. Get a bus ticket to ?????(???) or Dogo On Chon Yuk (Sun Jang Yuk). The buses depart from 6:40 am until 8:40pm. Buses leave every hour and it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes from Seoul to Dogo. The tickets will cost less than ten dollars.

C. Contact Person in Korea

As he was last year, Matthew Jones will be the central contact person for Western members. Please feel free to contact him by email at to let him know your arrival schedule. Matthew is now in Korea. His cell phone number is:

Dialing from the US: 011-82-19-9730-2003.
Dialing from Korea: 019-9730-2003.

Matt will focus upon the 2nd Generation group, while Hiromi Stephens of the BFD will supervise the 1st generation group. Hiromi will arrive in Korea on July 22, and you can obtain her cell phone number through Matt Jones if you need her upon arrival.

D. Schedule Updates

A detailed schedule of activities for 2nd Generation participants (staying at Glory Condo) is included below. More information regarding 1st generation participants will follow soon. Some important highlights for:

· Arrival on 24th will be most convenient

· While there will not be time for a Blessing Workshop for participants in Korea, we do plan an important orientation/internal guidance session for 2nd Generation during the morning of July 25th at Glory Condo.

· The Holy Wine Ceremony for 1st generation couples will be held at 7:00 PM on Sunday, July 25, probably at your Condo in Yeosu. We will do our best to organize and provide education on the Blessing and the Change of Blood Lineage centered on this event.

· Earlier, we mentioned that there would be no schedule after the Blessing event on the 26th. Please note that there is a schedule: for 2nd Generation, a congratulatory dinner and entertainment at Glory Condo that evening, and a 2nd Generation meeting and Congratulatory program the following morning (27th). For 1st Generation- to be announced.

E. Blessing Fee Updates

The Blessing Fee for newly matched couples, originally $2,000 for North American participants, has been reduced. This offering will differ according to the following categories:

1) Newly matched couples (1st or 2nd generation): $1,500 per participant.

2) Previously married couples attending Blessing for the first time: $1,500 per couple.

3) Re-Blessing (those paid the Blessing fee for a previous Blessing that is now broken, and are being Blessed again): $500 per participant. If your spouse is from a different country, their Blessing fee should be paid in their home country prior to attending the Blessing ceremony. If the candidate’s parents are missionaries to a foreign country, it is appropriate to pay the Blessing fee of the mission country.

NOTE: This fee should be paid in the home country BEFORE going to Korea (see below for USA payment instructions).

F. How Do We Reach You (Participants)

Each participant should provide current phone, fax and Email information to the Blessed Family Department, so that we may send updates to them directly. ALL INFO will be sent to each regional office, but to ensure that no one misses important communications, the BFD will also communicate with each participant directly. Send contact info to the BFD:

By Email at By Fax at (202) 299-9496


A. Blessing Fee Information

(Partial Payment, Where to Send, etc.) See Memo #2 of July 4th, 2004 at Memo-Blessing.html

B. Applications and Reporting

All candidates must submit Blessing forms, which can be downloaded from the internet at:

For 2nd Generation:

For 1st Generation:

All candidates must be interviewed and approved by Regional Directors. Copies of applications should be submitted to the regional office and to: Blessed Family Department, 3224 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20010. Candidates planning to attend the Blessing in Korea must report to their Regional Director in order to keep accurate records of all those attending. Report also any family members who are going with you. Be sure to give names and contact information. This allows us to prepare accommodations for you in Korea in advance.

If you and your spouse are from different regions, each should report separately to their own Regional Director. If you and your spouse are from different countries, each should report separately to their National Leader and Continental Director.

With love and prayer,

Blessed Family Department
3224 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20010
Phone: (202) 319-3200 Fax: (202) 299-9496

Second Generation Schedule

July 25 -27, 2004 Cheonan, Korea

Time25?(?)26?(?)27?(?) 06:00-07:20 Registration and room arrangemen tBreakfast and Departure Hoon Dok Hae

07:20-09:00Blessing Rehearsal / Holy Wine / Blessing Ceremony / Convocation (Held in the Yoon Kwan Soon Gymnasium)

We must choose Representative Couples for:

Flower Presentation (1 couple)
Gift presentation (2 couples)
Exchange of Rings (4 couples) Couples to stand on stage (14couples)Breakfast

09:00-10:20 Presentation from Korean 2nd Gen Department

10:40-12:00 Congratulatory Event for the Holy Wedding

12:00-13:20 Closing Ceremony

13:40-15:00 Opening Ceremony Departure

15:20-16:40 Travel Time

17:00-18:20 World CARP Convention Held in the Choong Nam Student Hall

18:20-19:40 Dinner

20:00-21:20 Entertainment

21:40-23:00 Travel back and prepare for next daySleep

23:00- Go to Sleep


Opening Ceremony’s Title: 2nd Generation Blessed Couples Inheriting the True Family Tradition.

Hyun Jin Nim’s Speech Title at the Carp Convention: One KOREA One WORLD Official Start time of the Blessing at the Yoo Kwan Soon Gymnasium: 11am Dinner and Entertainment: Parents of newly Blessed couples are invited to attend.

Closing Ceremony Speech’s Title: 2nd Generation Blessed Couples Revolutionizing the World to One Family Centered on God.

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