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Updates - July 26 Blessing

Phillip Schanker
July 4, 2004

Memo B-2004-07-04

To: Regional & Vice-Reg'l Directors, State Leaders, BCFs & Blessing Candidates
From: Blessed Family Department
Date: July 4, 2004
RE: UPDATED Information about July 26, 2004, Blessing in Korea

Communications and Updates

We would like to have the email address and telephone number for every person planning to travel to Korea in order to get communications and updates to you promptly. Please be sure to include your most current contact information on all forms sent through your regional offices to the Blessed Family Dept.

Deadline for applications

Applications for the Blessing should be sent in as soon as possible, and you should arrange your airline tickets IMMEDIATELY, because this is the busy season for flying to Korea. There are very few seats available. For airline tickets you may contact any airline or travel agent that you want. One company, Go World Travel is staffed by mostly church members and they are familiar with the Blessing arrangements. Go World may be contacted at

Go World Travel 1-800-327-3667, or 212-967-8080, fax 212-629-3648

Everyone should make their plans to arrive in Korea on or before July 24th. Buses will be arranged from the airport on July 24th. Please communicate your travel plans to your Regional Office for reporting to the Blessed Family Dept.

Blessing Application Forms:

Each participant must submit an application form. Regional Directors must interview applicants and sign their application form.

All Second Generation Couples

Forms are available under "H S A Blessing forms" on the website

Submit forms to the Blessed Family Dept., 3224 16th St.NW, Washington, DC 20010.

All First Generation Couples

Forms are available under "H S A Blessing forms" on the website

Submit forms to the Blessed Family Dept., 3224 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20010.

Reporting to Regional Leaders

All candidates planning to attend the Blessing must report to their Regional Director in order to keep accurate records of all those attending. Report also any guests/family members who are going with you.

If you and your spouse are from different regions, each should report separately to their own Regional Director. If you and your spouse are from different countries, each should report separately to their National Leader and Continental Director.

Endorsement of Second Generation Matches by True Father

All photos of Second Generation couples matched by their parents that were submitted when called for in May were endorsed by True Parents. More importantly, Blessed Central Families can be assured that True Parents have bequeathed the responsibility for matching to the parents in each family. Father even commented in one or two cases in the past that his choice might have been different, but he expressed confidence that God would work through the parents and families involved, and so declined to intervene.

Therefore, all couples in which each one completed their purity interview and application process, have fully embraced the recommendation of their parents and are prepared to be responsible for their commitment, can be confident to go to Korea to be Blessed. We will continue to seek opportunities for True Parents to review each couple that is matched according to this process.

Blessing Fee

The Blessing Fee is $1,500 US for all members of the American movement. In some cases, your spouse may be from a different country. Your spouse and his/her parents should pay the Blessing fee in their home country prior to attending the Blessing ceremony.

This fee should be paid in the USA BEFORE going to Korea (see below for payment instructions). This is considered a donation and condition for the historical privilege of being Blessed by our True Parents. There is no discount for members who do not attend the Blessing Ceremony itself. There is no discount if you provide your own accommodations, meals, and/or transportation in Korea.

Blessing participants traveling to Korea for the Blessing must be responsible for their own travel expenses. However, once you arrive in Korea, your transportation, accommodations, and meals will be provided by the Blessing event organizers at no extra charge to you. This is for the Blessing participants only. Family members can stay at the same facility for $35 per day per person (see below)

Partial Payments of the Blessing Fee

Last year participants were allowed to pay the Blessing Fee in 3 installments. Unfortunately, some did not fulfill their obligation and still have an outstanding debt. Please pay any outstanding Blessing fees.

Every possible effort should be made to pay the full $1,500. If you can only pay less than the full amount, a minimum of $500 is required. You may only pay by installments if you provide a credit card as security against possible default on paying your outstanding balance. All outstanding balances should be paid off by the end of the year.

Where to send the Blessing Fee All checks should be made out to "HSA-UWC" and "Blessing, July 26, 2004" should be written in the memo section of the check. Mail all checks to the following address:

Blessed Family Dept.
3224 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010.

To pay by credit card, please call Sheila Song at the Blessing Office in Washington, DC, at 202-319-3200, extension 126. The private fax number in this office is 202-299-9496. Use the credit card form that is available from Sheila Song or at the following Internet address:

Chaperones and family members

Family members of Blessing candidates are encouraged and welcome to participate in the Blessing Ceremonies. Accommodations will be provided in the same facilities with the Blessing Candidates. The cost will be $35 US per day per person (W40,000 Korean). This fee should be paid in Korea once you arrive.

Location of Events

The Blessing will be held in the city of Cheonan, about 1.5 hours outside of Seoul. Everyone is encouraged to stay with the Blessing candidates. Last year everyone stayed at the Glory Condo in Dogo, about a 15 minute bus ride to Cheonan. It's not definite yet, but we will most likely be staying there again. It will be announced as soon as preparations are complete.

Everyone should plan to arrive on July 24th as that is the day when buses will be arranged to pick up people and take them to the Condo.

AIDS test

It is not absolutely necessary to complete an AIDS before being Blessed in Korea. However, this is a very important test that all marriage partners should take IF AT ALL POSSIBLE BEFORE going to the Blessing, for obvious reasons, since the Blessing is an eternal commitment. We also strongly suggest that both partners obtain a full physical health evaluation; you may wish to include some basic fertility testing.

Many local city and county clinics in America will perform the AIDS test for free, or a very small fee.

Blessing Workshop in Korea before the Blessing

There is currently no Blessing Workshop scheduled in Korea prior to the Blessing. However, we will do our best in cooperation with the event organizers to provide opportunities for internal guidance, testimonies and other shared experiences for Western couples on this historic occasion. A more detailed schedule will be announced soon.

Contact person in Korea

Matthew Jones will be a central contact person for Western members. More detailed contact information will be provided in the days to come.

Phone Cards for calling back to the USA

Phone cards can be purchased at the airport as soon as you arrive. You can also rent cell phones for about $3 a day plus .50 cents a minute (approximately). Calling internationally on a cell phone is more expensive, but it is very convenient and may be worth it if you're only going to be in Korea for a few days. Please be advised, however, that you can only rent cell phones from the airport so you must do that when you deplane.

Spirit World Blessings

Special, conditional "Spirit World Blessings" for elder first generation have not been decided upon. We expect that more on the meaning of a Spirit World Blessing, and the qualifications, will be provided later.

If One Person in a Couple Cannot Attend the Blessing

Both individuals are encouraged, if at all possible, to attend the Blessing together. If this is impossible, then the one who attends shall wear a picture of the spouse-to-be. The picture should be an 8" x 10" of the future spouse from the waist up, dressed in Blessing attire. For men this would be the traditional blue suit, white shirt and red tie. If one of the spouses-to-be is military personnel, the military dress attire is acceptable.

The Blessing fee for the person who cannot attend remains the same, namely $1,500. When should they exchange rings? They should exchange rings before the Blessing, but not put them on until the time of the Blessing Ceremony.

Matchings by Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim is NOT doing matchings. According to the Korean 2nd Gen Dep't, Dae Mo Nim does accept individual requests to suggest a match occasionally. Interested persons should find a way to contact Dae Mo Nim directly through the Cheong Pyung Training Center.

Dae Mo Nim has matched a few Second Generation couples who have fallen, always making sure that both partners are in that same category. According to the Korean 2nd Gen Dep't, Dae Mo Nim may respond to requests for this type of matching guidance, if you contact her.

Program after the Blessing Our understanding is that there are no events scheduled after the Blessing. Everyone is free to take their own transportation back home.

With love & prayer,

Blessed Family Department
3224 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010
Phone: (202) 319-3200
Fax: (202) 299-9496

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