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Gay Marriage Press Release- How to Approach the Issue

Phillip Schanker
March 3, 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In my opinion, the Press Release below, while courageous in drawing a clear line, errs in one big way... by being anti, and attacking gay marriage, even misrepresenting the character of the proposed amendment: "...announcing their support for President Bush's call for a Constitutional amendment to ban GAY MARRIAGES!" If you use such terminology it is like accepting the term "Moonie"- you are buying into the propaganda and letting the wrong side define the debate.

The gay and lesbian lobby is professional and skilled at appealing to Americans' sense of fairness, justice and condemnation of prejudice, piggy-backing their initiative on the Civil Rights movement (as in comparing this situation to earlier proposals for a constitutional amendment to ban interracial marriages). We must draw a clear line, so truth and falsehood can be separated in America, but we must affirm, affirm, AFFIRM. Pres. Bush supports an amendment to define and affirm marriage as man/woman, as the foundation of the stability of society and for the welfare of our children, as important to our nation as freedom of religion, universal suffrage, and other principles enshrined in the constitution. It is not a "ban." Some examples of the right way to argue this issue:

1) Maggie Gallagher, columnist and author of "The Case for Marriage," who is testifying an the Hill today regarding the issue, was on C-Span radio (Town Hall) this AM. She brilliantly neutralized or deflected every attack of bigotry, and kept crystal clarity by focusing on the affirmation and value of the "Ideal" of marriage: the power of parenting- how children are best raised (mother and father) with statistical support; 25 million children living in fatherless homes and 1/3 born out of wedlock, vs. the latest census report of a total of only 170,000 households in America with same sex couples and youth under 18 (responding to the argument that recognizing gay marriage is necessary to give the "many" children in America living with same sex couples a legitimate, recognized sense of marriage and family). She did not respond to any effort to accuse her of bigotry, she did focus on condemning homosexuality, but her point was obvious. All efforts to "hook her into a negative debate withered.

She gently led people down the road logically: once marriage is redefined, then those who want to affirm traditional marriage will be "bigots," legally. Sex education will be challenged to become totally diversified and give equal value (and instruction ) to gay sex. Those who want to give their child for adoption or foster care must accept any form of family to receive them... it will be "prejudice and bigotry" to specify a mom and dad. (Ms. Gallagher did not outline the details, she remained on the affirmative- she knows the territory and tactics). [NOTE: a woman, former single parent speaking]

2) When the Christian singing duo of Angie and Debbie Winans released their song "It's Not Natural" ID'ing infidelity, spousal abuse and same sex relationships as not intended by God (they performed in our Columbia Rd. church, at my invitation), they were severely attacked by the Gay and Lesbian lobby. In interview after interview, they simply affirmed their Biblical faith, citing Jesus' affirmation of marriage rather than Leviticus' condemnation of "abominations." In each situation, their accusers came out looking loud, angry, hysterical, and unreasonable, and their arguments lost power. [NOTE: 2 black women speaking].

The Kentucky Pro Family Coalition may take any position they wish, but the FFWPU, or AFC, or whomever speaks on this issue (uniquely, according to their mission and identity), should affirm the Principle view, and emphasize the importance of maintaining an "ideal standard" for the benefit of society.

For more, check out ,, or get the transcript from this morning's C-SPAN "Town Hall."

Love and prayer, Rev. Phillip Schanker

From: Michael Jenkins
Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2004 12:26 AM
Subject: [FFWPU - Vice Regional Directors] Fwd: Gay Marriage Press Release-Rev. Peter Hayes

Rev. Jenkins: I agree that we must take a firm stand against Gay Marriage! I did a 1 hour talk Radio program and a TV interview after sending out this PR!

Kentucky Pro-Family Coalition Supports President Bush's Call for Defense of Marriage, Constitutional Amendment!


Louisville, KY- Rev. Peter Hayes, leader of the Kentucky Pro-Family Coalition (KPFC), which is made up of various pro-family organizations and churches are announcing their support for President Bush's call for a Constitutional amendment to ban GAY MARRIAGES!

The KPFC will be calling on Kentucky's Congressional delegation to support this constitutional Amendment when it is introduced! We will be rallying support throughout Kentucky. KPFC feels that a vast majority of Kentuckians will support this effort to protect the traditional heterosexual marriage ethic that is under assault!

Rev. Peter Hayes will be available for interviews to discuss this issue.

Contact: Rev. Peter Hayes
O: 502-290-3611 Cell: 502-419-4539

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