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Special 2nd Generation Matching & Blessing by True Parents

Phillip Schanker
January 16, 2004

Memo B04-01-16
MEMORANDUM- Special Matching & Blessing
To: 2nd Generation Blessing Candidates
From: Education Department & Blessing Department
Date: January 16, 2004
RE: Special 2nd Generation Matching & Blessing by True Parents

Regarding the special matching and Blessing by True Parents of 2nd generation couples planned in connection with their birthday celebration on January 27th, 2004 in Korea, please refer to and follow the original memo of January 13th and be aware of the following updated information:

I. AGE QUALIFICATION: Applicants should be 20 years old (by western calculation) at the time of the matching and Blessing, i.e.- born in the month of January, 1984 or earlier.

II. CONDITIONS: Whether the matching and Blessing will take place at this time is being finalized in the next few days. If it takes place as expected, the following conditions may apply:

A. Instead of 12 couples matched out of a large pool of applicants, Father may match 40, 120, or as many couples as possible based on the number of applicants. Therefore, those who apply should expect to be matched.

b. The theme and focus of this matching will most probably be connected to the providential call in the Cheon Il Guk era for "exchange marriage," or marriages that break down barriers of race & nationality. Therefore, applicants should be prepared for an international, interracial match. Those who are not prepared to accept such a match should not apply.

III. ATTITUDE AND OFFERING: We repeat that applicants MUST reflect upon whether they can offer to True Parents the attitude of absolute faith, love and obedience necessary to accept this matching wholeheartedly. Applicants must also have maintained their pure status as 2nd Generation (not have fallen through sexual intercourse outside of an approved, Blessed marriage). Applicants for re-Blessing may apply, as long as they have not fallen, and they should report and repent for the previous broken Blessing as a condition to comfort Godís heart and separate from this past.

A. This offering of second generation couples can inspire and comfort God and True Parents, and be of real providential value, but should not be misused. Parents should not force or push their children to this matching against their will, placing the burden of responsibility upon True Parents rather than themselves and their children.

B. Some parents are asking their children to offer themselves for this matching as a condition to separate from someone they are attached to, as a way to test or prove themselves in front of God, or find out what Godís will is (for example, "If TPs match you, then you were not meant for the person you are attached to. If you are not matched in this event, then it may be Godís will that you can be with this other person"). This is inappropriate. Do not recommend or push your child to this matching if they are not prepared to offer their faith and trust in True Parents, and accept the matching with an absolute heart.

IV. NEW DEADLINES & PHOTO PREPARATION: Because True Parents will most likely match by picture, Dr. Yang would like every applicant to prepare the best photos possible. We have gained permission from Korea to send the applications a few days later to allow each applicant to prepare the best photos possible. We can receive photos through Monday, January 19, 2004. If you have not already done so, please prepare high-quality photos with:

a. Suits, ties, dresses (Blessing attire)

B. A clear, light background that allows the face and posture to easily stand out.

C. Professional or studio photos are best.

If you have such photos electronically, please Email them to us. Otherwise, they may be overnighted Saturday for Monday delivery.

V. CONTACT WITH EDUCATION/BLESSING DEPARTMENT: We will be contacting all applicants and/or their parents today & tomorrow to verify these points, gather any incomplete information and assure the qualifications of each applicant.

VI. Submitting Applications & Photos

A. Email to:

B. Fax to (private, dedicated line): (202) 299-9496 (Rev. Schanker)

C. Mail overnight to: Rev. Phillip Schanker,
Education & Blessing Dept.
3224 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010 Mark URGENT.

VII. For Further Information

Contact Rev. Schanker or Sheila Song


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