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Urgent Memo for Distribution

Phillip Schanker
January 13, 2004

To: 2nd Generation Blessing Candidates
From: Education Department and Blessing Department
Date: January 13, 2004
RE: Special 12-Couple Matching and Blessing by True Parents

True Parents will personally match and Bless 12 special 2nd generation couples for a providential Blessing in connection with their birthday celebration on January 27th, 2004 in Korea. Candidates are welcome from throughout the world, but must apply QUICKLY according to the following guidelines and qualifications:

I. Those who may NOT apply

A. Those who are currently matched.

B. Those who are enrolled in the special education course at Sun Moon University on "Purity."

C. Those who had a sexual relationship with someone other that an approved partner (it means that those who were previously matched and Blessed, but whose Blessing has been broken so they are applying for re-Blessing, are encouraged to apply for this special matching and Blessing).

II. Those who may apply

All other members of the 2nd generation are welcome to apply for this special matching and Blessing, according to the following qualifications:

A. Applicants must have maintained their sexual purity and not have fallen (sexual relationship outside of the Blessing stains the lineage and undermines the status of pure 2nd generation. As noted above, those who had relationship within a Blessed Marriage that has since broken may apply for this matching and Blessing, but should clearly report and repent on behalf of the previous failed Blessing as a condition of rededication and renewal).

B. Applicants should reflect upon and be sure that they can demonstrate the capacity of absolute faith, love and obedience necessary to receive and take responsibility for such a Blessing, without fail.

III. Application Process, Deadlines and Dates- HURRY!

NOTE: If True Father matches these 12 couples using the candidates' photos, this will take place on or about January 27th. If he decides to match the couples in person, candidates will be required to travel to Korea several days earlier. These details will be announced.


A. Complete and submit a 2nd Generation Blessing Interview Form and Application to FFWPU- HQ Education Department by January 15th. These can be printed or downloaded from the homepage of the website: . Click on "Forms for 2nd Generation Dept." and print or download the "Interview Form" and "Second Generation Application." Completed Applications and Interview forms can be mailed overnight, faxed to Rev. Schanker's private, dedicated fax machine or Emailed (see contact details below).

B. Include photos with your application. An ID photo is needed for the application, and the best matching candidate photos that can be prepared in this short time will be important and helpful.

C. The Regional Director (or qualified representative if RD is unavailable) should sign the application, and the steps below should be followed.

IV. Confirmation of Purity

Father has strongly emphasized that each candidate must be a member of the second generation "in good standing," i.e.- with their sexual purity and lineage intact. He has directed that each nation's Blessing Department should verify this fact for each candidate through a specific process. In accordance with Father's direction, each qualified candidate should report frankly and have their pure status confirmed by:

A. Their parent(s)

B. Their pastor (or State or Regional Leader, if they have personally interviewed the candidate and/or parents. A qualified elder member may accomplish this if the pastor is in Korea or otherwise unavailable)

C. National HQ

HQ, of course, must rely upon the integrity of the candidate, and the sincerity and diligence of the parents and pastor. A simple letter of recommendation signed by these can be included.

V. Submitting Applications

A. Email to:

B. Fax to (private, dedicated line): (202) 299-9496 (Rev. Schanker)

C. Mail overnight to: Rev. Phillip Schanker,
Education and Blessing Dept.
3224 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010 Mark URGENT.

VI. For Further Information

Contact Rev. Schanker or Sheila Song


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