The Words of the Schanker Family

Conference Call Jewish Unificationists and Friends

Phillip Schanker
December 1, 2003

Dear Jewish Unificationists and friends,

In response to Father's direction that 360 Rabbis and Jewish leaders from America be invited and recruited to participate in the International Peace March and Rally in Israel on December 22nd, we invite you to participate in a brainstorming/strategy conference call tomorrow, Monday, December 1 at 10:00 p.m. EST (7:00 p.m. PST). We will consider:

1) The purpose and vision for the December 22nd event.
2) The significance of Jewish participation.
3) Strategies for outreach to Jewish leadership.
4) Target groups.
5) Action steps & division of responsibilities.

Please call the following number, at the first voice prompt press 2, and punch in the conference code when prompted. Feel free to invite others with a Jewish connection whom you feel should participate. We look forward to your presence and contribution.

Love & prayer,
Rev. Phillip Schanker
Dr. Andrew Wilson

Conference Call Monday,
December 1st, 2003
10:00 PM EST (NY & DC Time)
7:00 PM PST (California Time)
Code 19470

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