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UPF Character Education Internships

Robert and Sally Sayre family
December 20, 2007

Peer Counselor and Teacher Intern Discover the World, Find Yourself!

The Universal Peace Federation has developed an internship program for college-age youth from countries such as the U.S., Australia, and Canada to volunteer as peer educators to travel to developing countries and teach character education, relationship skills training, and character-based sexuality education.

Programs are for three to six weeks and can be held in schools, community centers, church centers or in summer camps, coordinated by the Ministry of Education in each country. Longer internships for up to either six months or one year will be made available some time in the coming months. Youth will stay with host families who are Ambassadors for Peace or, alternatively, in Peace Embassies.

Interns will receive a comprehensive training in teaching the curriculum as well as help in raising the funds necessary to travel to his or her assigned country. In some cases grant money is available through colleges and universities where interns are enrolled. Peer educators can have a life-changing experience while serving children in developing countries in a powerful way.

Tentatively, we have programs in the following countries in 2008:

The Caribbean/Central America: St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize

South Pacific: FSM-Pohnpei, Palau

Asia: India, Nepal, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand

Africa: The Gambia, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria

Europe: Croatia, Slovenia, Moldova

Program Director: Alan Saunders

Internship Coordinator: Sally Sayre-Caribbean/Central America, Africa, Europe
Poppy Richie - S. Pacific, Asia

These internships are also listed on the Family Federation Internship site.

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