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Announcement of Pre-Conference to Educators' Conference

Alan Saunders and Rob Sayre
October 3, 2007
Office of Character Education
Universal Peace Federation

Pre-Conference Workshop at the Center for Education Conference, UTS, Barrytown, New York

a. The UPF Character Education Initiative will conduct a one day pre conference workshop at the Educators Conference this year on October 5th.

b. The title of the workshop is: Worldviews and Walks of Life: How Universal Peace Federation Transcends Them through Character Education and How You and Your Community Can Benefit

c. All educators, teachers, Sunday school teachers, community leaders, parents, Ambassadors for Peace, Ministers will benefit from this workshop

d. Come and hear about the UPF character education initiative and how pilot programs are being developed in different countries around the world and in different States in the US

e. Learn how to develop and host a program and set up a character education initiative in your children's school

f. Learn how to use the new character education and relationship skills curriculum in your community, small group and with your children

g. Hear about how interns have traveled to seven different developing countries and learnt how to teach the curriculum to children from 6 to 18 years of age

h. Hear about how these peer educators had life changing experiences

i. For more information on the workshop and the Educators' Conference, please review the Center for Education web site:

j. The registration fee for the workshop is $100 for the full day and $50 for a half day

k. For any other information, please contact Robert Sayre.

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