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UPF Initiates Summer Internships Abroad For College Age BC's

Robert and Sally Sayre
February 20, 2007

What is the UPF Character Education Internship?

An opportunity to have an unforgettable experience in a foreign land!

Service work from the heart!

Teaching people how to realize 3 basic life goals:

1. To grow and become a person of mature character
2. To build healthy relationships and a loving family
3. To make a positive contribution to society

Good individuals form and are formed by good families; good families make up vibrant communities; vibrant communities comprise a healthy nation and healthy nations make up a peaceful world.

College-age young people will go in pairs to countries where community leaders have requested Character Education. Nations around the world are trying desperately to combat the HIV/AIDS crisis, the breakdown of families, and the influences of modern life that have corrupted traditional societies.

There is very likely money available for your college student young adults via their Internship programs or Summer Abroad. Please check into this soon!

UPF representatives will give training workshops that will empower you to teach the character education and life skills curriculum. For more information on the character education curriculum, Discovering the Real Me please visit the UPF website,

The teams will be housed and supported by community leaders in:

The Caribbean
The Continent of Africa
The South Pacific

For Further Information contact:

Sally J. Sayre
UPF Summer Internship Abroad

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