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The Fundamental Truth Of The Universe Is The Parent-Child Relationship: An 8 Point Reflection

Paul Saver
March 27, 2011

"The fundamental truth of the universe is the parent-child relationship." True Father

Since True Father first uttered these words in his world peace tour speech a few years ago I have been in reflection mode trying to comprehend the depth of these words. I was especially drawn to these words because True Father does not say "a fundamental truth..." Rather he says "the fundamental truth..." which implies that it has universal application. What then is the meaning of this statement?

Here is my 8 point personal reflection

1. God is a being of masculine and feminine natures and the vertical True Parents.

2. The Messiah is a couple and stand as the horizontal True Parents.

3. Human beings are essentially children of God and stand in the object position to God and the Messiah.

4. The child inherits the spiritual and physical attributes of the parent and therefore the parent-child relationship is the deepest of all relationships. Evidence of this is seen in the fact that when a husband and wife choose to go their separate ways i.e. get divorced, the parent-child bond invariably remains and may even become stronger over time. Also the parent-child relationship continues even when the child is 80 years old. Furthermore, the child can commit the worst sins but the love of a parent is unconditional.

5. True parenting is the gateway to the most powerful inner and outer transformation of the individual. Think of your most memorable experiences (empowering and disempowering) with a parent, teacher or coach and how they impacted you.

6. How one was parented for better or worse is the single most powerful impact on the growth and development of a human being. This is the reason that psychological counselors focus a lot on a person's early family relationships, particularly with parents, in diagnosing the problems of their clients. Whether we have a positive, negative or indifferent view of our parents, we are deeply affected by our early experiences with them.

7. The parenting role is not restricted to the biological parent-child relationship. The parent-child relationship and parental love per se is found in all relationships and is the 'glue' that creates the deepest bond.

For example, think of your relationships with your brothers and sisters or with your friends. When a sibling or friend is suffering, is in need of help or in trouble, your natural instincts is to love them with parental love which is a love that is unselfish. Take parental love out of sibling relationships and relationships with friends, what do you have? A relationship that will break. Parental love is also the glue in husband-wife relationships. Again if parental love is weak or missing in a conjugal relationship, it will eventually break.

Other relationships where a strong parent-child bond can be nurtured include:

--> teacher-----student
--> manager------worker
--> sports coach-----player
--> spiritual leader----member
--> spiritual parent----spiritual child
--> human being----creation

8. A relationship with your parent or a parental figure in your early formative years is like forming a relationship with God Children look up to parents as God. This is why when a parent is disapproving of a child, it strongly and negatively impacts a child's sense of self worth. Alternatively, even a few encouraging words uttered by a parent when a child is 5 years old can resound in a child's head and heart for a lifetime and beyond serving as a source of great comfort and inspiration. 

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