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In Case I Am Really Stoopid

Paul Saver
January 29, 2011

Hey My Brothers and Sisters!

Today I posted a note on my facebook page which I want to repeat here. Part of my message is a confession that may serve to help others and part of my message is to set the record straight since I continue to get facebook and email messages that question my integrity.

Sending An Ear Mail

I want to start by telling you a little story. When computers became available for home use I resisted them like the Plague. I thought "put me behind a lawn mower, put a fishing rod in my hand or give me a tent and a sleeping bag and point me towards a big mountain, but a computer? forget it. For a long time, I didn't know what an 'ear mail' was. Secretly though I feared that my brain was too slow and simple. Also being a high school teacher I was also protecting my pride as computers began their march into schools everywhere.

I Needed An Idiots Guide To Read The Idiots Guide

For those older teenagers out there, do you remember when digital watches first came on the market? Was it the 70's or 80's? I resisted those too because I couldn't follow the instruction sheet to set those damn things. However being a teacher, I eventually faced the inevitable ie. get familiar with using a computer or lose my job. Of course, I could just focus on a church mission and give up school teaching. But deep down I knew that being a school teacher was important preparation for a larger mission down the track which is emerging NOW.

So in 1999 I attacked an "Idiots Guide To Windows 98" like I used to attack an opponent on the football field. However I quickly realized that I needed an idiot's guide to read the "Idiots Guide To Windows 98"

Re Tooling And Reinventing Myself

Fast forward to 2008 it struck me that the world had seriously changed and was leaving me behind. I decided I needed to reinvent and re tool myself. Since the world was changing I decided I needed to come up with a new game plan. So I gained a Certificate IV in Life Coaching and began dabbling in online marketing. After many months of sheer frustration and eating humble pie, the day finally about two weeks ago when it was time to launch my first fan page. Guess what happened?

A Phishing Scam

Someone hacked into my facebook account and I became a victim of a phishing scam. So all my facebook friends got a message from someone pretending to be me with an offer to get a free $1000 gift card. Unfortunately despite my "Events" announcement alerting everyone I'm still getting messages from friends thinking that I was offering them a deal. I may have lost some friends over this or at least created some distance.

My Mission

The truth is I am a fisherman (I love catching snapper and tuna off the Gold Coast, Queensland) but I am not a 'phisherman'. I apologize to all my facebook friends (I have more than 800) for mistakenly providing my facebook password to a scammer who masqueraded as an official facebook page. I promise you that I will never ever send you a cheesy scammy message of any kind. Of course I will invite people to "like" my page and read my stuff and visit my web site. I will do that with utmost confidence and integrity knowing that my aim is to over deliver the highest value content possible. My mission in life can be distilled into a single sentence that everyone can relate to. It is, "to help as many people as possible to help themselves take full responsibility for their lives".

I would love to hear from you.

Sincerely, Paul S. 

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