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Your Capacity To Practice TRUE LOVE Is the Quintessence Of Who You Are

Paul Saver
November 5, 2010

What is it that most essentially defines what it means to be truly human? In other words, what is the most endearing and enduring quality that is held in highest regard by fellow human being across the width and breadth of our planet?

A moral relativist might argue that the question is flawed by saying that since people are all different with differing value systems, it is naive and simplistic to suggest that there is one universal human quality or trait that is quintessential.

That response may be viewed as a cop out by some. Another may counter argue by saying that whilst human beings are different in terms of values and cultural backgrounds the things that human beings share in common is of far greater significance and are more meaningful than the differences that set them apart. Others would argue that the moral relativist position is based on the premise that "God does not exist" and therefore cannot be trusted.

Wise or foolish, I am taking the liberty to think outside the box of certain others and to put forward that "yes" there is an answer to the question of what it is that is overwhelmingly significant about human identity.

So what could that be? Is it the ability to acquire and retain knowledge or to exercise great mental or spiritual powers? Is it the capacity to create per se ie what a person can do or achieve? Or is it all to do with position? status? power? charisma or personality? material affluence? perfection of the human physical form? or faith itself?

From all my research and life experience including working with people of all faiths, cultures and ideological perspectives across more than fifty nations and being married to a Japanese woman for the past 28 years and raising four children my unequivocal and unreserved answer to the question of what constitutes the essence of human identity it is the fact that human beings are designed with a true love nature. In other words an inherent insatiable desire to truly love and to be truly loved. When human beings experience true love as a giver and receiver they are happiest. Simply put, human beings are 'wired' for love.

Before outlining a case for this position it is necessary to briefly define the words: "true love". Is this some kind of idealistic 'pie in the sky' psycho babble practiced by perfect people?. The answer is that true love is real, it is simple, down to earth and practiced by ordinary people.

True love is a force that is by nature unselfish, unconditional, unchanging and eternal. The most widespread expression of true love most evident in our world today is seen in the relationship between parent and child. It is the kind of love that causes a father to dive into a raging river to save his drowning toddler child. It is the kind of love that causes a mother to sacrifice her sleep to wake up at weird hours of the night to tend to a crying child. It is the kind of love that causes a grandmother to work a factory job to pay for a grand child to get the best possible education. These are but a few ,of countless examples of true love practiced by ordinary everyday people irrespective of their cultural-religious-racial-national heritage.

In short what are some of the most powerful arguments to support the assertion that the quintessence of human nature lies in the desire to truly love and to be truly loved?

Firstly. if you look to the holy books of the major world religions you will find that true love is the supreme human value. Words such as patience, compassion, respect, sacrifice, service, generosity, humility, forgiveness, giving and so on, when embodied, are simply expressions of true love.

Secondly, If you look to popular culture, it is obvious that the most prolific theme of literature, art, dance, music that has most captivated creators and audiences alike all throughout the ages irrespective of the cultural settings, is love.

Thirdly. In families the world over, what is the glue that binds couples and families together and when misused tears them apart? It is love.

Fourthly. In the world of Creation, from the particle level right up to the planets there is a principle of creation at work where- in all things exist with dual purposes. One purpose is individual or private allowing entities to maintain and develop their individuality and uniqueness but which is subordinated to a whole or public purpose. Through such phenomena the universe displays a "love ethic".

As I interact with our family dog, Milo, it is clear that he loves to go for a run around the block and take in a myriad of smells, to jump into a body of water, have a feed, a bone to chew on, the chance to bark at passerby's, to dig a hole under the fence, to show off his power by pressing his teeth against a defenseless chicken and more. However what excites and causes his tail to wag the most is when he meets another dog and simply when I am there just for him. Our pet Milo will choose love any day, before anything else. What about you?

So what can you take away from this article that can impact your life in a major way?

Don't reach the end of your life with feelings of deep regret because you spent the bulk of your life time climbing up the ladder of success (or whatever) only to realize that the ladder was up against the wrong wall.

Don't end up lying on your death bed looking into the eyes of your loved ones wishing you had of spent more time with them.

Don't wait until you are old, gray and wrinkled and then realize when it's too late, that you failed to really give of yourself to others from the core and depth of your being.

Don't let your life become a bloody waste!

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I Wish You The Greatest Success On Your Path Of True Love


Paul Saver 

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