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Are You A Human Doing, A Human Having? Or A Human Being?

Paul Saver
October 21, 2010

Be, Do, And Have To Your Heart's Content

If you take time to cruise around the web sites that belong to successful business entrepreneurs including wannabe's you will notice a common refrain that goes something like this:

"And you too my friend can have your cake and get to eat it as well. In other words, YOU can be, do and have to your heart's content."

As a budding entrepreneur myself I totally agree with this statement. I believe in playing full out and having it all.

At the same time I ask myself and put it out to those reading this: are these three calls to action (being, doing and having) of equal merit or should we prioritize here?

What if I get carried away with traveling the world and doing lots of cool things and this is what is most important to me?

What if I amass lots of wealth beyond my expectations that enables me to acquire lots of the best things that money can buy and this is what is most important to me?

What if my wealth and position enables me to exercise power and influence and causes people to take notice of ME and this is what is most important to me?

Alternatively what if I focus on the kind of person I want to become as my priority and attract like minded people into my life and I get to experience the joy and wonder of truly loving relationships on a multitude of levels and this is what is most important to me?

A Case Study: The Money Or My Soul?

An Aussie friend of mine who went to live in the USA back in the 1970's went on to become a huge success in the business of repairing the bodies of luxury automobiles in San Francisco. His success was measured not only in the profits he accrued but also in taking quality standards in the industry to a whole new level.

In addition he became a person who became greatly trusted and respected in his industry across the nation. His name became synonymous with quality and integrity.

However before he got established in the automobile industry, he teamed up with a person whom he had regarded as a trusted friend. Together they were arguably the pioneers of the phone card.

Through a number of experiences, my friend was shocked at how his business partner underwent an abrupt character shift when he realized the fortune that was there for the making. Rather than place a priority on the relationship, my friend's business partner became hell bent on the pursuit of wealth per se, whatever the means.

As a result my friend decided to sever the relationship and walk away from a $400 million contract, rather than, in his words "taking the money and going to hell".

The Most Precious Things Are Intangible

The more I think about it the more I realize that the things that human beings value the most are the things that are internal or intangible that money or power per se cannot acquire. Is there anything that you can have or do that is greater than love, trust, respect, compassion, generosity or good health?

Also think of this, if you spend decades of your life accumulating money and things or experiences, it could all be taken away in a moment's notice. The economy could crash, technology could overtake you or your physical body, at any moment could be rendered unfit to pursue what you love to do.

However, the kind of person you become can never be taken away. Your mindset remains as your unchanging asset. Remember too that people will truly love you for the quality of person you are NOT for what you have got or what you can do.

I Would Love To Get Your Thoughts.

Can you recollect an experience where your gut instinct/conscience caused you to 'walk away' from potentially a windfall of money or power in order to preserve your sense of dignity and self respect?

Alternatively did you walk away from a job, business, company because you didn't like the person YOU were becoming?

How did that feel at the time? How did that decision impact your life since?

What is your take on the question outlined in the title of this post ie "Are You A Human Doing, A Human Having? Or A Human Being?

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Wishing You Success On Your Path To True Prosperity

Paul Saver

M.Div.,B.Ed., Cert.IV Life Coaching 

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