The Words of the Saver Family

Traditional Chiefs Seminar

Paul Saver
May 26, 2006
Port Vila, Vanuatu

May 22-25th 2006

26 traditional chiefs of Vanuatu attended a four day seminar in Port Vila this month.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this event was the strong sense of responsibility and commitment shown by the Chiefs. The seminar began with no budget available. All food for lunches and for morning and afternoon teas were donated by local business houses and cooked and prepared by wives of the Chiefs. Vehicles for transportation were also offered for use. The venue was in a traditional meetinghouse (Chiefís Nakamal). Who needs money to do a seminar when a spirit of ownership takes over?

The chiefs felt that the character education presentations were worthy of bringing to the attention of the Vanuatu leadership and implementation in the schools.

Another chief kept on telling me that, "we all have to become child like, like Jesus said, to enter the kingdom of Heaven". He said, there are many people whose "heads are messed up" and so canít understand what Father Moon is teaching.

Rev. Andrew Lausberg introduced the seminar with a biography of UPF Founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. Melanesian Islanders listen more with their hearts than they do with their heads. Participants could feel straight away the sincerity of the founders and come to know of the great fruits that they have wrought throughout their lives. They understood that Father and Mother Moon, as a couple, are dedicating their lives and all their resources for the sake of world peace.

These "traditional leaders" are the living custodians of a vertical tradition and hierarchical system of government in Oceania. The UPF Core Principles resonate so much with their traditional culture. This was evident when it was announced that God desires sexual purity before marriage and fidelity within marriage and that this was a cornerstone in Vanuatuís traditional culture. At this point in the lecture, there was a nodding of heads in unison around the room.

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