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Report on Third Oceania Parliamentarians for Peace

Paul Saver
May 26, 2005

Report on Third Oceania Parliamentarians for Peace Seminar and Tour
Korea, May 18-24, 2005

Fifty five Members of Parliament and government officials from eleven island nations of Oceania gathered in Seoul Korea for the Third and final Oceania Parliamentarians for Peace Seminar and Tour. After successful programmes in March and April, a total of 131 dignitaries representing 16 nations attended. The theme of each seminar and tour was "Universal Values and Lasting Peace:Toward a New Model of Good Governance for Nations in the 21st Century. These three successful seminars/tours have set the stage for a victorious Second Oceania IIPC Conference which has metamorphosed into the Sixth World Summit at the end of June, in Tokyo, Japan.

In each of these three seminars/tours, participants could have unforgettable experiences. For most it was the first time to visit Korea, with it's culture rooted in the world of heart.

Secondly, participants were always surrounded by Japanese sisters and the Korean staff members, whose mission it was to 'love bomb' them through constant smiles and attitude of attendance. The Japanese sisters listened to all the participants concerns and took care of them as they would their own mother and father. In this way, the theory heard in the lectures could become real to them.

Thirdly, almost every participant without exception felt richly blessed by the "Morning Devotion and Keynote Address" at the beginning of each day, by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, the Oceania Chair of IIFWP. His main topic was the attributes of true love with an emphasis on practising good self governance in the context of our relationships. Many participants felt moved and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Fourthly, Rev. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak came and spoke frankly about the preciousness of the sexual organs as the Palace of True Love, True Life and True Lineage. This culminated in the Holy Blessing Ceremony. One participant testified seeing a vision during this event, that confirmed True Parents' Messiahship.

Fifthly, each of the three delegations were officially welcomed through a reception hosted by the Speaker and Vice Speaker of the national government at the Korean Parliament building.

Sixthly, the seminar had a strong emphasis on teaching the Divine Principle directly which included the proclamation of True Parents as the Messiah, administering the Holy Blessing and reading out the "Messages from the Spirit World". Dr. Yong said that because of this sixth point, it became possible for True Father to invite the entire Third delegation to his residence at Han Nam Dong. There we listened to True Father's speech and were welcomed into True Parents' world of heart through the intimate sharing of Father and Mother which included singing and dancing and Father interacting personally with individual participants. Later we were treated to a banquet outside on the lawns overlooking the Han River and the Seoul skyline. At the same event, True Parents invited some very highly respected Korean dignitaries and two prominent singers. This was all organised on the spur of the moment causing True Parents to put on hold their activities in Yeosu (southern tip of Korea) to make a special trip back to Seoul. Truly the Oceania delegation of Members of Parliament were richly blessed. At the end, the Melanesian contingent sang several songs and everyone posed for photographs with True Parents.

Some of the most prominent VIP's from Oceania in attendance were:

1.. His Highness, Salvadore Iriarte Chairman of the Tribal Leaders of Micronesia, Federated States of Micronesia.

2.. Hon. Gusto Ligohr, Chief Justice of Pohn Pei, Federated States of Micronesia

3.. Hon. Peter Yama, Minister of Education, Papau New Guinea

4.. Hon. Augustine Taneko, Minister of Police, National Security and Justice of the Solomon Islands

5.. Hon Siriako Usa, Minister of Lands and Survey and Paramount Chief of the Solomon Islands

6.. Mr. Joseph Aron, Lord Mayor of Port Vila, Vanuatu

7.. Mrs. Faamausili Leinafo Tuimalealiifano, Wife of the Deputy Head of State of Samoa

8.. Hon. Kotak Loeak, Chairman, Council of Iroij (traditional Leaders), Marshall Islands

Selected Excerpts of Reflections of Participants

Rev. Sun Myung Moon is a real man of God and I believe God is using him mightily because of his heart...the most challenging thing for me is to know for sure that Father Moon is the Messiah. I am praying now that the Holy Spirit will reveal to me everything about this point. (Rev. Hanover Ehsa, FSM)

This seminar is very unique in the sense that I actually felt the presence of the Holy Spirit teaching me.The most inspiring experience for me was to witness the openness of all the presenters who sincerely speak of the true love of God. None of them complained or criticised other religious denominations. They were all sincere, honest and spoke the truth. I have never experienced before such openness and high quality presenters If God has anointed Father Moon as the Messiah, then no one has the right to dispute this fact. The principles he preaches and his actions are tremendous and in accordance with the Will of God.

(Hon. Kamilo Teke, Solomon Islands)

I really had an eye opening experience. We should have more of these seminars.

(Hon. Mattlan Zackhras, Marshall Islands)

The most inspiring experience for me was the morning devotions and the close, kind attention of the Japanese ladies.

(F.L. Tuimalealiifano, Samoa)

It is a tremendous achievement for me to have learnt so many new things and I really admire the concepts that Dr. Sun Myung Moon has initiated in terms of true love and values-peace and unification.

(Hon. Tamwi Naotarai, Kiribati)

This seminar is calling me to completely change my leadership style in all aspects of life. I request that I be given another chance to attend future training seminars and later become a member of this great family of nations movement.

(Hon. Gad Hagasuramo, Solomon Islands)

I am convinced that Father Moon did really receive revelation from God and a vision that must be accomplished

(Hon. Johnson Vunagi, Solomon Islands)

My most inspiring experience was going to meet the Speaker of the House at the Korean National Parliament.

(Hon. Koichi West, Palau)

I believe that God through his son Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit and now Father Moon is fulfilling God's work in this world.

I thank God for His work through His Messiah, Rev. Father Moon.

(Hon. Rose Anilabata, Solomon Islands)

I have to now become a good example in government. I have to be honest, co-operative and uphold the true values

(Hon. Matthew Garo, Solomon Islands)

I would like my wife and I to attend this seminar to enable us as parents to raise our children the way we have been taught at this seminar.

(Hon. Katarake Tebueao, Kiribati)

I have now discovered that the Messiah is on the Earth. His name is Sun Myung Moon. Yes. It is true.

(Hon. Joseph Aron, Vanuatu)

Through this seminar I have become younger.

(Hon. Lazare, Vanuatu)

I agree 100 percent with every presentation given at this seminar.

(Hon. Katak, Marshall Islands)

For me this is the most important seminar I have ever attended.The sessions I most appreciated were the ones where the Divine Principle was taught.

(Hon. Thompson Lui, Vanuatu)

I have been inspired by the Holy Spirit. I feel such blessing. Wonderful. Wonderful. I praise God.

(Hon. Jacob Tangwata, Vanuatu)

Through this seminar I could increase my knowledge of the Bible, family value and the love of God.

(Hon. Terry Coe, Niue)

I think that Rev. Sun Myung Moon was chosen by God to this world to unite all the people

(Hon. Kallau Sepa, Vanuatu)

I think Father Moon was chosen by God to complete God's work on the Earth

(Hon. Ieru Samuel, Vanuatu)

I have gained substantially from this seminar by the encouragement to live with and come closer to God. I have now realised some of my failures in my responsibilities.

(Hon. Patrick Vasuni)

He (Father Moon) is a universal Messiah of all humankind.We now need a seminar of at least one to three months.

(Hon. Mark Kemakeza, Solomon Islands)

This experience is so overwhelming, so fantastic. Thanks a million times for such invaluable learning. I cannot dispute that the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah.

(Hon. John Pasimae, Solomon Islands)

This experience is the best ever in my lifetime.

(Hon. Johnson Kere, Solomon Islands)

Father Moon is the Father of all families.

(Hon. Usa, Solomon Islands)

This seminar is the best or most outstanding that I have ever attended. My most inspiring experience is that through God, I have been reborn.

(Hon. Robert Kande, Solomon Islands).

Paul Saver
Melanesia Regional Director
May 26th 2005

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