The Words of the Savage Family

Testimony of Dr. Margaret Savage to True Parents Speech on June 25th New York

Margaret Savage
June 28, 2005

I like where Rev Moon said he began His life's work at the command of God. That God is our True Parent and we are all to develop True Parentage. That He was determined to fulfill his promises to God. That heaven welcomes all those past and present who have lived their lives for the sake of others regardless of their religious background. That there should be no more division that we all should be as one to foster and support one united world. You can't help but recognize that he is a man selected by God his humility in front of God is a great example for us to follow. He emphasized the importance of our life here on earth the dual structure of our nature and how our mind and body should be united. His motto is to live for the sake of others and he encouraged all of us to make it our motto also. He also conveyed that there is strength in unity when it is centered on love.

Rev. Dr. Margaret Savage
Long Island, NY

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