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Character Education in the Dominican Republic

Alan Saunders
July 31, 2006
Director of the Office of Character Education - UPF
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Mr. Alan Saunders (left) and Professor Rafael Reyes (right) with Roberto Reyna (center), President of the State University of Santo Domingo.

UPF was invited to make a two hour presentation to professors and students at the State University of Santo Domingo (UASD) in the Dominican Republic on July 31st.

The presentation focused on the UPF character education initiative and internship program, which has been locally championed by Mr. Cesar Regalado. Cesar has been teaching character education in the Dominican Republic for the last decade based on the lecture manuals, Searching for Life’s True Purpose published by the International Education Foundation. His work was developed from a character education workshop that was convened in 1997 by Mr. David Stewart and Mr. Saunders.

The students from UASD have been teaching character education in schools throughout Santo Domingo based on the lectures they have received from Professor Rafael Reyes of the Vice Rectors Department and Mr. Regalado.

UPF is planning to send interns to the Dominican Republic in 2007 to work with University professors and students to teach the character education textbooks at the community level.

Mr. Saunders also presented a copy of the text, Cultivating Heart and Character: Educating for Life’s Most Essential Goals to the Director of the Library, Mr. Juan Ramon Fiallo Prata. Further cooperation is planned with the State University of Santo Domingo.

Mr. Saunders also met the President of the State University of Santo Domingo, Dr. Roberto Reyna. President Reyna has recently returned from a tour of Korea, where he met with other University Presidents. A meeting was also convened with the Vice President of the University, Ms. Clara Benedicto and student leaders. The University is funded by the State Government of the Dominican Republic and this allows students of challenging economic levels to attend the University.

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