The Words of the Sanders Family

How the Universal Ballet Started

Bill Sanders
November 15, 1999

I was at Belvedere in Tarrytown in 1975 on staff there (auto mechanic and photography - what a mix huh?) My spiritual mother Adrienne Dellas (now Adrienne Thornton) was there as well.

She had been a prima ballerina/professional dancer when she joined the church. In '75 she went to Mr. David Kim to propose that she start a ballerina troupe in Korea (based on Little Angels school foundation). Mr. Kim didn't want to let her go. (didn't want her to go to then Col. Pak) Anyway, I took black and white photos of Adrienne in costume, she typed up her resume/qualifications and submitted it to Father and she ended up going there to start western/classical ballet in Korea. Several years later and much sacrifice the school was up and going.

I am sure that Julia Moon has done an outstanding job in continuing to build the reputation of Universal Ballet. I applaud that.

My motivation in writing this post is to provide background so other people know where this originally began.

Quite often in our movement (as well as in the "outside"), people provide the most arduous labors and sacrifice and the leaders and/or latecomers get all the "glory". In the fishing industry, I saw many people who were unwilling to get their hands smelly or dirty take the credit for the successes (though there were too few of those).

The common joes/janes have always been the ones to pioneer the way toward greatness. It is unfortunate that many aren't/weren't recognized in their own time.

If you see a brother or sister that you know was part of the foundation of a later successful endeavor and you know of it, give that person credit and some praise. It goes a long way. No better example of this are the brothers and sisters who founded News World in New York so many years ago ahead of the Washington Times. They certainly created the foundation of heart and sacrifice for the future success of the Washington Times. Certainly, all the fund-raisers in Japan merit the gratitude of keeping many projects afloat, as well as fund raisers in the U.S. and everywhere.

For all of you who worked the "front lines" and "schlepped" in the trenches, thank you for your hard work and beliefs (faith) that your work made a difference in changing the world.

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