The Words of the Rubenstein Family

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Prospects For A Global Community - The Family Of Man - Reverend Moon's Vision (Richard Rubenstein - circa 1991)

President's Introduction of Rev. Sun Myung Moon at Honorary Degree Convocation University of Bridgeport (Richard Rubenstein - September 7, 1995 )

Introduction To The Founder (Richard Rubenstein - November 13, 1981)

Introducing Father to the ICUS XII (Richard Rubenstein - December 1983)

Rev. Moon is a Good Man (Richard Rubenstein - May 1984)

One Of The Most Extraordinary Moments Of My Career (Richard L Rubenstein - September 7, 2007)

In Praise of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon (Richard L. Rubenstein - 2008)

Richard Rubenstein Honored with Honorary Doctorate by Unification Theological Seminary (Krista Moon and Douglas Burton - October 24, 2013 pdf)

Richard L. Rubenstein (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - February 11, 2019 pdf)

Richard Rubenstein - In Memoriam (Thomas G. Walsh - May 16, 2021 pdf)

Remembering Richard L. Rubenstein (Frank Kaufmann - June 7, 2021 pdf)

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