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Your Desire Comes True -- My Testimony of Father's 52 City Tour

Fumi Roman
April 5, 2001
Queens, NY

Before I give my testimony I want to thank Heavenly Father and True Parents. They prepared everything before we did. Also I want to say thank you to my husband who let me go this time and took care of our four children and Shimazaki family and Shibata family. Going away to work for God is easier than staying at the same place and doing the same daily things.

I went to Iowa on March 12th, 10 days before the event. I was really worried before I left NY. Because I heard that there were only 3 blessed couples in Des Moines, only 10 couples in whole state of Iowa. "How can we fill up the place?"

Right after I arrived at Des Moines airport I went to our church. Brothers and sisters were about to start a meeting. There were NY team members, Japanese missionaries and members from Minneapolis who just arrived like me and a few members of Des Moines there.

Next morning the city of Des Moines was covered with snow. We picked some churches to visit from the list our coordinator gave us. We finally found one of them, but it looked like nobody was in. There was no car at the parking lot and mail was in the mailbox. "It looks like noon is in.", I said. We passed over the church. "Wait!", my partner said and stopped our car. "Did you see the wall of the church and the wall of the house next to the church are the same? That house might be the pastor's house." We made a U turn and rang the bell. A young man told us his father was in the church. This is how we met Pastor Skye Alison. I explained about our event and our organization to him. I asked him if he received an invitation by mail. The reason why I asked this question was that one sister taught me how to approach a minister the day before because I was struggling how to get to talk to a minister. I thought the sister's approach was good and that I could try that. And do you know what Pastor Skye answered? "Yes, I did. I already marked the day of the event on my calendar." I was so shocked. I hadn't dreamed that ministers really received the invitation. He was planning to go even though nobody visited him and explained about it! I will never forget the day I met this pastor. We joined his Sunday worship and he said my name in his open prayer and welcomed us. When we left there he prayed for us and blessed us.

I visited COGIC with Rev. Hiro, a Japanese missionary and a young Japanese brother. Pastor already had a plan on the day of the event and could not go, but a couple there promised to go. Whenever we visited churches we were welcomed. They hugged us and paid attention to us. Two days before the event I was desperate. I knew the pastor couldn't go. I slightly hoped some other people could go. So I joined their service. In the end of the service the pastor and one of the deacons disappeared for a while. I wondered why. At the end, there was an announcement time. Pastor Woods was holding some paper in his hand. He said, showing the paper (actually it was a flyer that we gave him) to everybody, "Rev. Moon's event is this Thursday. We will send a church van. Let's go together!" I was so shocked. The spiritual world is really working! What else can do such a thing? After everything finished I asked Pastor Woods to write names that could go to the event and gave him a pen and paper. He began asking everyone there even people who were about to leave if they could come. I was so moved. I was so moved! I cannot explain my heart with words.

There is a university in Des Moines named Drake University. We went there to put a poster of the event. It was 2 days before the event. Unfortunately it was a spring break and not so many students were there. At the office we were told to go to a different building so that some students could see a poster. There were a woman and a man sitting in a small office like space in that building. I introduced myself and asked if we could put a poster. The man showed us the way and it turned out he was a deacon in a small Baptist church. "Oh! I want to visit your church!", I said. So, next evening I visited his church. It looked like that evening was their Bible study. When we entered the church people there were stunned. We were all Japanese with big smiles on our faces. I asked a man if we could meet a pastor. He took us to the pastor's office. I told Pastor that I met a man who was one of his deacons in Drake University and why we came to Des Moines. Pastor welcomed us. As soon as he started a Bible study he asked me to speak about us in front of everybody. I was the only one who could speak English on our team. To tell the truth I had never spoken in front of people even my church in Queens! the spiritual world pushed me so hard this time. "Okay, I will try.", I said to myself and I began talking about us and the event. I think Pastor prepared something for the Bible study for that evening, but after I spoke he began talking about 'Unity'. It was very surprising to me. After he finished the Bible study they collected love offering. Pastor put the offering in an envelope and asked everybody, "Is there anybody who could not have chance to put love offering in here?" After he made sure everybody put it Pastor moved down his hand with the envelope towards me and said, "This is for you." For a moment I couldn't understand what happened. In a few seconds I came to realize that Pastor gave their precious love offering to me. This church is a small church. They need money. But he gave me the entire offering! Isn't that something?

The spiritual world is more desperate than we are. Everything was prepared. I had never experiences these kinds of things. Japanese missionary sister who was my partner was my spiritual navigator. I was her physical navigator. The things came true as she felt. We could feel clearly that the spiritual world was helping us.

In the past, there were many campaigns, but I could not do a front line most of the time because of my family situation and job situation. This time, Heavenly Father made a plan before I went to Iowa and guided me to let me join this mobilization.

I wrote this testimony because I know many families are still struggling how to participate in God's providence with their financial, job and family situation. I would like to share my experience specially with those brothers and sisters, because I was one of them and I know their feelings. Everybody, please don't give up. God is working. I realized from my experiences that this is a totally different era. This is the time that the things you desire can come true.

Hearing True Father's speech, I felt this was really the last time when True Father spoke to people especially to ministers in this country. True Father said looking at the ministers, "I will go back to my home land soon and I will go to spiritual world. Who is going to take responsibility for this country? That is YOU." I felt True Father really loves ministers and he is still investing himself. Thank you very much, True Parents!

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