The Words of the Roman Family

6000 Blessing of an Underground Missionary

Catherine Roman
October 17, 1999

On October 15, 1982 I was an American student in Hungary. An elderly friend who knew that in my foolish youth I had been involved with Rev. Moon called to my attention a tiny item on the bottom of an inside page of his daily newspaper: Mass wedding in Korea conducted by Rev. Moon. Feigning mild amusement, I exulted inwardly: a new providential victory for True Parents!

But life went on, I had my job to do, to teach DP to any thirsty soul who was willing to listen in spite of the danger involved and secrecy required. Blessing was theoretically in my future but it was utterly impractical and therefore impossible at that time since I was in isolation where no one could reach me unless I contacted World Missions Office through an elaborate process. Every few months I would apply to the dean of my University for permission to take a weekend trip to neighboring Austria to visit relatives. It would take perhaps a week to get the reply and a recommendation for the police. Then I would approach the Office for the Supervision of Foreign Nationals for a return visa and after waiting another week I would have my papers. I would ride the train or bus to Vienna, stop at a small hotel or stay with student friends, and pretend to enjoy solitary late night strolls. These took me to the Main Post Office, open all night. Midnight or even later was early morning in the New Yorker, and I would call collect under an agreed alias, report in coded language about my activities and results and receive directions and news as the case might be.

The next such occasion arose in early November. World Missions Department accepted my call and Mr. Yoshida (whom I had not personally met at the time) told me Rev. Kwak wasn't in, and would not be for the duration of my brief stay in Vienna. Hard luck. Before hanging up in disappointment I tried to strike a bright note: "Congratulations on the 6000 Couples Blessing! The papers reported in my country, I was so happy!" "Oh, yeah! You know you got someone! But I forget who..."

Somehow I must have concluded the call and hung up. I was standing in the phone cabin staring in front of me. I got someone. What was I supposed to think for the next couple of months while waiting for a new chance to make contact? Years before many couples had been matched but not blessed. Was this my case? I had to know more. Hesitantly and feeling rather foolish I asked the operator to place another collect call to the same number. The call was accepted, and I blurted out:

Mr. Yoshida, would you please tell me: am I matched, or am I blessed, or what am I?

For the next few weeks I had no clue to the identity of this someone. There was nothing to distract me from my honeymoon with my Bridegroom. True Father had accepted me as His bride. True Parents had welcomed me in their family and blood lineage. I was forgiven for all my past and that of my ancestors. Love had lifted me out of all that misery, undeserving and unexpected.

I believe I was very fortunate in the way I received the Blessing.

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