The Words of the Rodrigues Family

ETF Reflection of the Whole Year

Ando Rodrigues
October 23, 2002

"We were strangers in a crazy adventure, never dreaming what we had to go through…"

We’ve been through ups and downs on the past 11 months; we scaled the highest mountain and went to the deepest pit.

I must confess I wasn’t expecting things to go the way they did… there was a time I felt I was misled with wrong expectations… but still my commitment was strong. My main goals for ETF were to learn about God, about others and about my self… And, I certainly achieved a lot in those points.

I remember being out on the street, holding a product box in my hand, I was cold and I was looking at people passing by… I still had 1 month of this to go… On these moments, time seems to go by very slowly, it’s hard to see were you are, it’s hard to see the big picture…

Fundraising was challenging for me… On the other hand, Witnessing was such an amazing experience! Those fantastic 21 minute prayers… I felt answered in so many questions; The ability to control my attitude in the beginning of the day; Realizing about the important questions in my life; Getting amazing results after hard conditions… Those were precious moments that I will cherish in my life…

In this year God didn’t really give me what I wanted, he gave me what I needed… I still certainly need a lot of growth, so let’s see what happens from now on…

So… I guess I can really say that… "we were strangers in a crazy adventure, never dreaming what we had to go through"

I’m very thankful to every single entity involved in my year, to all ETF members, Emanuel and Limi Bauer, TPs and most especially to God…Thank you very much for this year.

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