The Words of the Rodney Family

True Family's Responsibility

January 6, 1999

It has been my considerable experience with the True Family that Father never stated that the True Children are exempt from fulfilling their 5% portion of responsibility which even God cannot interfere with. The major problems of the True Family are in some ways a reflection of the problems of humanity. If Hyo Jin Im was able to control his temper and overcome his self-centerdness before these problems got out of hand we don't know what kind of destiny could have awaited him. But how are we any different? How many times do we lose our temper or allow our self-centerdness go to excess? We know that we would reap a bitter harvest if we did not discipline ourselves in these areas. I admire True Father for the past 25 years he has never contradicted himself. To me personally, he is the incarnation of truth and true love.

I remember during the most bitter and painful periods of persecution by the media, government and Christians True Father's response was - "Please don't ask God to send a legion of angels to punish our enemies. They are only ignorant of the mission God gave to me." I remember some top Korean leaders wanted to bring some Christian to court because of some accusation they were spreading about the movement in Korea and True Father responded "That's not a parental heart." True Father has always been consistent in word and deed. This reminds me of a situation in the Bible when Jesus' disciples were being persecuted and they approached Jesus and said "Should we pray that fire would come down from Heaven to consume our enemies?" and Jesus responded "You do not know what matter of spirit they are created with". The key to safely cross over this transition period is Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience.

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