The Words of the Rodney Family

Not Afraid To Question The Truth

January 6, 1999

I have observed Father's actions and words for over 25 years. I have never seen any contradiction. Prior to coming to this movement I was completely committed to the goals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I realized that he had enormous courage to stand up against the evils of racism and prejudice in this Christian nation of America. What could have motivated him to have done that except the spirit of God? He constantly placed himself in the lion's den without a word of complaint. He always said that the key to solving this racial problem was with the power of love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

After his death, I was looking for a person who had guts and the willingness to stick his neck in the lion's den for the sake of truth. When I met Father for the first time in Lansing, Michigan during the 21 City tour, he was speaking at the Masonic Temple and I focused my spirit on him completely and I could feel deep in my heart that this is a "true man". I can give my life for the ideals this person represents.

When I was on the Eight City Tour, Heavenly Father gave me a special experience. I could feel Father's heart on a certain level. I could feel his indescribable loneliness and I realized that we really didn't understand his heart. Then I reasoned, if we don't understand his heart how can we support him? Then I said to myself, "I am a great sinner but he is the Son of God, and even if no one supports Father I will always support Father." Then when I returned from the Global Tour in Japan and Korea I had deeper insight into True Parents and the tremendous sacrifice that they are making for the sake of mankind.

When I returned to America Heavenly Father told me directly that Father received very little joy and happiness since he began his mission. God also told me that Father needs to feel support and he needs to feel that he is loved because he is always giving out to others and never asking for us to return love back to him in return. Father has never contradicted himself. He sees everything in the light of Principle and he has such a strong bond of heartistic unity with Heavenly Father that he could never do anything to give Heavenly Father more grief out of selfishness. If True Father had selfishness he could never have brought the Providence this far.

I have been blessed by God because I met Father. I don't believe any unfounded rumors, accusations or misunderstandings. I know who Father is, what he represents and his total utter devotion to liberating God and mankind.

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