The Words of the Robinson Family

Seung Hwa James Hammond Robinson

January 12, 2007

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Our dear brother, James (Hamm) Robinson passed on to the spirit world in December, from natural causes. James' birthday is on January 15th, and he would have been 54. James was very active in promoting peace and cooperation in his neighborhood in Kansas City, MO and will be very much missed.

Some of you may have known James when he was on the MFT, while witnessing, at The Washington Times, and his other missions.

You may send testimonies, etc. to Rev. Peeter Saarna at In addition, a memorial service for James will be held on Monday, 15 January from 4 p.m. at the Jones Funeral Home, 1800 Linwood Blvd. in Kansas City, MO.

In Their Love,

Don Marsolek

Seung Hwa James Hammond Robinson
Peeter Saarna
January 10, 2007

Dear Families

We are going to have a Seung Hwa Ceremony for brother James Hammond Robinson on Sunday Jan.14 from 6:00pm at church center. As Terry mentioned plese bring some side dishes for the pot luck after the Seung Hwa Ceremony.


Note: forwarded message attached.

Seung Hwa James Hammond Robinson
January 9, 2007

Seung Hwa instructions:

Hamm's testimony on

Mieko and Dawn,

I said I will do the banner for the Seung Hwa. Graham and I will bring a large card for everyone to sign.

I suggest only one or two songs, preferably from the old blue songbook such as Tong Il and Arirang and maybe one of Dan Fefferman's songs like Generation of Righteousness.

Anne Marie Ward, Hamm's close friend from Texas, will buy barbecue for a main dish, and anyone who wants can bring a side dish or dessert. We should figure out beverages as well - maybe one or two people can bring pop or juice.

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